Sexy Zone's Push Won't Stop! Will the "Sexy Era" of Johnny's Come?

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"After Hey! Say! Jump became popular, they are the young group that will be pushed by the company. Just like their song from their 2011 debut, a "Sexy Era" might finally arrive."

Sexy Zone 推しが止まらない!ジャニーズの “セクシー時代” 到来なるか

"In terms of their age, if they aren't pushed now then it will be too late. They are in that situation.

There were a lot of fans who wanted them to return as 5.
To aim for higher form now, they will need a lot of power, and it seems like that power has come out."

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I've certainly been seeing them a lot lately but I can only see them as children.

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Yo! Sexy!!

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I don't remember the kids that were under KAT-TUN

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Why are Sexy Zone the only ones that don't have their own program?
It would be nice if they hurry up and give them one

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This time Sexy Zone are Johnny's oshi.

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There's one that copies Akanishi right?
He's annoying

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The Sexy Thank You boy is really trying his best.

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I think this is better than pushing Hey Say
They really tried to push them through Arashi but they didn't progress so now they regret it
It is good to shift the change to Sexy Zone

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Kikuchi Fuma is so ugly

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Sato Shori is good looking but I think his character is weak

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Giving the young talents a push is what any agency would do.

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The group that Kikuchi is in?

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There's one that respects Akanishi or is copying him right? The way he sings is a complete copy!

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