Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sasaki Nozomi Pregnant, to Continue Shooting Drama in April

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The drama hasn't started shooting yet and the press conference for the drama just occurred on the 25th. According to related parties, she is still in the condition to complete the drama. After that, she will enter maternity leave.

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The body that Nozomi slept with

佐々木希が妊娠 アンジャ渡部建パパに 4月から連ドラ主演 撮影に支障なし

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If the baby looks like Nozomi that would be good!

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She'll probably have a cute baby~

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I bet Watabe is happy!
This kind of mother would be nice~.

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Sorry but I don't feel any appeal form Watabe at all.
What is good about him?

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Such great news from the morning!

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Whoa! Congratulations!

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This is great ♡
She'll have a cute baby.

11. 匿名 2018/02/28(水) 08:03:49  [通報]+234-25
Whoa seriously?

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Congratulations Nozomin

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 I wonder if her morning sickness is okay?
I have experienced a miscarriage so I want her to not strain herself until she gives birth (´・_・`)



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