Ryucheru and Peco Expecting Their First Child

1: 2018/02/03(土) 19:40:24.75 ● BE:738128771-PLT(14333)
On the 3rd, model/talents Peco and Ryucheru revealed on their respective Twitter accounts that will be expecting their first child.

Peco wrote on her Twitter "On this occasion, I will announce that I have been blessed with my first child! Currently I am five months pregnant, and I am happy when I think that the child of my beloved Ryucheru is in my stomach. We are still immature, but if you look over us from now on I'll be glad!"


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2: 2018/02/03(土) 19:40:54.26
Pecorin is...

4: 2018/02/03(土) 19:41:32.34
Aaah they should have enjoyed their time together as a couple
I want to congratulate them but they are still 22

6: 2018/02/03(土) 19:42:54.95
Has the countdown to their divorce begun

7: 2018/02/03(土) 19:43:24.37
Both of them have faces like twinks

10: 2018/02/03(土) 19:44:11.57
They'll probably have a really ugly child

12: 2018/02/03(土) 19:44:47.00
When did they get married again?

14: 2018/02/03(土) 19:46:23.21
Pero (lick) and Pyuderu (to blow)

16: 2018/02/03(土) 19:46:42.59
They should get a DNA test

18: 2018/02/03(土) 19:47:54.14
Peco-chan is super ugly

19: 2018/02/03(土) 19:48:53.01
Peco has a good personality but her face...

20: 2018/02/03(土) 19:48:57.50
If they have a boy they'll probably dress him like a girl

21: 2018/02/03(土) 19:49:29.87
I think this about comedians but when I see them do their specific character, I end up think is it okay to do that kind of thing even though he have a child?

22: 2018/02/03(土) 19:49:47.27
Peco-chan is a good girl
It's fine if they're happy but...
It's going to be hard for them

23: 2018/02/03(土) 19:50:08.75
If they don't have any work when the child is born then that's not a laughing matter

24: 2018/02/03(土) 19:50:53.84
I thought that was a cow

25: 2018/02/03(土) 19:52:39.36
They properly got married and had a child
That's commendable

41: 2018/02/03(土) 20:05:53.82
That's true
These guys have common sense

47: 2018/02/03(土) 20:07:53.90
I was surprised by that
At first I thought it was a shotgun married but now I see them differently

29: 2018/02/03(土) 19:56:09.12
That's amazing
It's good to have kids while you're still young

36: 2018/02/03(土) 19:59:59.41
They'll have a good child

38: 2018/02/03(土) 20:01:45.16
Effeminate men end up having regrets later in life

39: 2018/02/03(土) 20:03:35.24
They'll probably give the kid a weird name. I know

46: 2018/02/03(土) 20:07:00.64
Young mothers are nice
Especially since the mom is rich

49: 2018/02/03(土) 20:08:07.85
Peco's family is rich. The father is like "that" but I'm jealous

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