Professor Hayashi Osamu: Japan will Become a Country of Unmarried People

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「日本は未婚大陸になる」と林修先生が断言 女性は年収が増えると結婚率が下がる?

「日本は未婚大陸になる」と林先生が断言 女性は年収が増えると結婚率が下がる? – しらべぇ | 気になるアレを大調査ニュース!

Professor Hayashi says:

"When men's salary increases the rate of marriage increases. Men whose annual salary is 3,000,000 yen have a rate of 9.3%, and men who earn 6,000,000 yen have a rate of 37.6%. On the other had, when women's salary increases the marriage rate decreases.

Thinking of it in simple terms, a man with an annual salary of 3,00,000 yen should marry a woman whose salary is over 6,000,000 yen, but in reality will they marry? It is thought that 30% of women who are married won't give up the financial power."

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I think that is what will happen.

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If women no longer have to depend on men then the marriage rate will decrease
There are few merits in getting married for women

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If you can earn for yourself then you won't need a husband with a low salary

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It's still only a small fraction of women that earn 6,00,000 yen. Moreover there are much more women who are actively trying to get married. Hayashi-sensei must not know about marriage activities... [i.e. actively seeking a marriage partner]

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I want for there to be an environment in which it is easy to have children...

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But women have a strong feeling of wanting children, so it might not be an easy conversation.

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There are good things that come with equality between men and women, and there are bad things.

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When the old men and women die and the population is stable then the marriage rate will become high again and we will become a country full of children. Until then let's try our best to build the foundation for the country.

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If they don't have money then if they get married then they will get by somehow, women will. But men cannot be financially supported by women.

After all women are stubborn creatures since long ago.

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But with marriage and giving birth there are a lot of things for women to do.
It's difficult to raise a child while working

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That's right.
It's a serious problem.

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The reality is that there are few men who make high salaries. Because men's true ability cannot be depended on.

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If their salary is high then even women will want a wife
We won't need a husband

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If you can earn that much by yourself then you won't be dependent on men, and if it becomes like that then men will have no worth

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If there's sperm banks then the marriage rate will sink even lower

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This is the result of pointlessly mixing up men and women
It's like don't imitate westerners who have different personalities and character traits

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If I were earning over 6,000,000 then I would get married.
What's important is whether or not there are marriage partners.

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Certainly, there are a lot of women in their 30's and 40's who have a decent salary. There is the image that women with low salaries are desperate to depend on their partner's financial ability.

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