Iwata Takanori Shows His Body for Anan Shoot

1. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:09:58 +95-434



2. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:05  [通報]+1005-20
He humbly takes off his clothes

3. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:05  [通報]+902-5
He's covering the anan logo with all his might

4. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:21  [通報]+651-107

5. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:25  [通報]+539-10
He doesn't have armpit hair?

7. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:28  [通報]+506-83

8. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:37  [通報]+480-131
Next year I want Iura Arata to do it

9. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:43  [通報]+188-7

10. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:44  [通報]+46-101

11. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:46  [通報]+232-77
That's a anan-like cover
Also this will have a high demand

12. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:11:48  [通報]+136-143
Honestly I want to sleep with him

13. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:02  [通報]+587-336
This guy is ugly

14. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:08  [通報]+809-88
This doesn't make me swoon at all

15. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:18  [通報]+202-34
OGan's nipples are here

16. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:18  [通報]+247-149
Dirty! I hate it

17. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:22  [通報]+649-46
Looking at this I don't think it's sexy or pretty

18. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:24  [通報]+569-41
No one asked for this from this person

19. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:29  [通報]+296-18
I'll be embarrassed to buy it

20. 匿名 2018/02/26(月) 11:12:52  [通報]+110-21
Kind of scary w

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