Fukushi Sota Spotted on a Date

1: 2018/01/31(水) 17:50:05.57

no title

4: 2018/01/31(水) 17:50:44.15
Who is the person that he's with?

5: 2018/01/31(水) 17:50:54.12
He has unflattering clothing and hairstyle so he doesn't stand out

6: 2018/01/31(水) 17:51:05.15
Is he losing his hair?

7: 2018/01/31(水) 17:51:22.05
The girl he's with, mysteriously calls herself an instagram girl

8:  2018/01/31(水) 17:51:27.11
That's a disguise

10: 2018/01/31(水) 17:51:45.04
His face is a NanJ'er top to bottom
*NanJ is a 2chan board

11: 2018/01/31(水) 17:51:49.85
He had this kind of face?
He's a complete Ossan

12: 2018/01/31(水) 17:51:54.71
Who is the girl?

13: 2018/01/31(水) 17:52:03.20
He has short legs

14: 2018/01/31(水) 17:52:33.96
His clothing is on the level of a NanJ'er but his face and height are not on the NanJ level so he's safe

17: 2018/01/31(水) 17:52:48.66
His forehead is big

18: 2018/01/31(水) 17:52:51.50
Looks like he's going bald

20: 2018/01/31(水) 17:53:07.12
The problem is his face

21: 2018/01/31(水) 17:53:17.70
The girl is facing the camera lol

23: 2018/01/31(水) 17:53:30.68
His pants and shoes are too ugly

27: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:15.92
But Fukushi has the face

28: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:16.52
He could probably go gliding with those pants

29: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:20.84
The shine on his forehead is sad

30: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:32.77
His shoes are Dunlops

32: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:43.30
He looks like Aoyagi Sho...

33: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:44.65
Isn't his face a bit different?

35: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:50.26
Laughing at her touching his shoulder

36: 2018/01/31(水) 17:54:56.18
This oversized fashion is really ugly

39: 2018/01/31(水) 17:55:11.38
Fourze finally is dating
Even though he was single up until now
Well as long as my Yoshizawa Ryo is safe that's fine

40: 2018/01/31(水) 17:55:47.30
Fukushi-san, putting his nice body to waste

41: 2018/01/31(水) 17:55:53.98
I feel like he has rumors with Sano Hinako but was that fake?

43: 2018/01/31(水) 17:56:03.38

no title
She's an instagram girl who's 3 years older

45: 2018/01/31(水) 17:56:06.01

46: 2018/01/31(水) 17:56:07.27
This is just how he is
He's fine like this

49: 2018/01/31(水) 17:56:26.34
No doubt that the woman leaked these

51: 2018/01/31(水) 17:57:05.76
Rather than whether he looks fashionable or unfashionable, the problem is that he looks cold

52: 2018/01/31(水) 17:57:06.22
So this is Fukushi Sota?
I thought it was Nishikido Ryo from Johnny's

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