Yonezu Kenshi, the Mozart of the Heisei Era

1: 2018/01/25(木) 04:01:41.11 ID:FIaueCKQ0.net
No he can dance so he surpassed Mozart

4: 2018/01/25(木) 04:04:30.48 ID:Ief0o+6b0.net
He has the normal Jpop feel so how is he different?

7: 2018/01/25(木) 04:05:16.84 ID:tzCtmaErp.net
Thanks to this guy Japanese music is at peace. He really did good

8: 2018/01/25(木) 04:06:20.75 ID:D953TAhX0.net
I only know him from when he put out weird Vocaloid songs
Does he have good songs?

9: 2018/01/25(木) 04:06:45.18 ID:aatVrQ82p.net
Shunrai is out of this world. Even though he mixed techno, disco and pop, why does it sound so straightforward? His sense of balance is no joke

10: 2018/01/25(木) 04:07:51.06 ID:LK0vXR/Jp.net
Rather than listening to music, I feel like I'm appreciating a painting. Does anyone else understand?

11: 2018/01/25(木) 04:07:54.34 ID:jHEQgHa6K.net
Poor Mozart-san

13: 2018/01/25(木) 04:09:10.73 ID:EHg9iF/h0.net
The representative of artists that are being kept relevant by middle schoolers

15: 2018/01/25(木) 04:10:15.64 ID:6u93srzJ0.net
There is no artist in this generation that is supported by the whole country

22: 2018/01/25(木) 04:11:51.92 ID:M8cfCxeqp.net
You could say it's a huge success to be supported by middle schoolers

21: 2018/01/25(木) 04:11:46.45 ID:eneTAKqc0.net
Saying he's Mozart is going too far

30: 2018/01/25(木) 04:14:03.03 ID:9uZ9JHRh0.net
We from Tokushima accept Chatmonchy but we don't accept this guy

31: 2018/01/25(木) 04:14:16.94 ID:ntZ5aF8Z0.net
He can draw, write songs and sing songs, amazing
But his face though

35: 2018/01/25(木) 04:15:27.77 ID:1YH4YnnJp.net
If you listen to Bootleg you can't underestimate him. No matter how you think about it tn Japanese music he is number 1

40: 2018/01/25(木) 04:17:21.16 ID:YQBlMPehp.net
It's not that Yonezu is amazing it's that there is all other newcomers other than Yonezu suck so we are in a situation where we can only support Yonezu

48: 2018/01/25(木) 04:19:35.19 ID:akmnRhCn0.net
Who is he w

49: 2018/01/25(木) 04:19:40.45 ID:uatDBcfmp.net
Is that his real name?

53: 2018/01/25(木) 04:20:16.81 ID:Obpmovn3p.net
You don't know Yonezu Kenshi wwww That's bad right?

56: 2018/01/25(木) 04:21:14.28 ID:Snx5QfiP0.net
It's his real name
That what I think is most amazing

62: 2018/01/25(木) 04:23:14.10 ID:3EbdLzmUM.net
People say he's most interesting on his second album

67: 2018/01/25(木) 04:24:15.62 ID:4aTh98Qep.net
Who do you think Mozart is?

41: 2018/01/25(木) 04:17:28.95 ID:c6LHdNL20.net
I really like this guy's rhythm
Shunrai is really amazing

Yonezu Kenshi, the Mozart of the Heisei Era Yonezu Kenshi, the Mozart of the Heisei Era Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 7:41 AM Rating: 5

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