Strange Fashions That Were Once Popular

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About 10 years (?) ago wasn't it popular for men to only roll up one pant leg up to their knee? I wonder why that was popular.
Post some fashions that now make you think "why was that popular?"

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Belly button revealing fashion
Halter tops

3. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:48:45  [通報]+947-173
Loose socks
At the time did anyone say that it stinks?

4. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:48:55  [通報]+1910-22
Putting on a fox tail

5. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:48:57  [通報]+1506-13
Sagging pants. They just look like they have short legs

7. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:49:24  [通報]+1137-33
It was the cuff right? Women did it too.
It was the influence of people who dance.

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Jeans under skirts.
I feel like it was popular when I was in high school.

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That thin mesh thing that people worn diagonally on their waist. (I wonder if you know?)

13. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:50:02  [通報]+394-26
Polo shirts like old men

14. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:50:17  [通報]+1314-7
High school girls who wore large flowers on their heads
The color of the flowers might have had a meaning...

15. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:50:19  [通報]+637-13
Flowers on the head

16. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:50:20  [通報]+967-7
20 years ago. Those gaudy fluorescent satin spats were popular.
At that time there was no such word as leggings, it was spats!!

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OHama's fashion from her prime


18. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:50:22  [通報]+2013-24
This tail


19. 匿名 2018/01/16(火) 17:50:29  [通報]+1391-11
Wearing skirts and pants at once
There were a lot when I was in elementary school

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