Matsumoto Jun: "When I first heard the name Arashi, I thought it was so lame"

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"I thought it was so lame. I was surprised like seriously?"


松本潤「嵐」という名前初めて聞いた時「だっせーと思いました。ビックリしてマジかと」 : スポーツ報知


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That's right
Also those see through outfits that showed their nipples

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We think that now, that it's so lame

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Yeah, I thought so too.

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It was perfect for that baka group

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Better than Sexy Zone

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Now I can't think of anything better than Arashi, it fits them

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I think that if beneath his nose were a bit shorter that he would become a ikemen
It's too bad!

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Yesterday MatsuJun was on huh
I wanted to watch it

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Can you say that in front of Sexy Zone?

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Johnny's has nothing but horrible group names.

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Yup. Without mistake it's lame. 笑

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I can't think of any Johnny's group names where you can say "They have good taste!"

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It might be better than Hey! Say! Jump
The Heisei period will end anyway

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MatsuJun's complexion looks bad

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I think that Exile group names are worse than Johnny's group names

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Before they debuted, Kinki Kids had a time where they were Kanzai Boya w

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Johnny's is basically lame isn't it?
Hikaru Genji Ninja Sexy Zone Kinki Kids
Kanjani 8
I'm used to it though.
Arashi is the best of the worst

Matsumoto Jun: "When I first heard the name Arashi, I thought it was so lame" Matsumoto Jun: "When I first heard the name Arashi, I thought it was so lame" Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 8:14 AM Rating: 5

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