Kawatani Enon: "Japanese People are Weird in the Head" "Diseased Level"

1: 2018/01/20(土) 11:03:31.14 ● BE:565421181-PLT(13000) ポイント特典
Gesu no Kiwame Otome's Kawatani Enon said the following on Twitter on the 20th:

"This sick ones are not the weekly magazines or the media. [It is] the world where you don't have a chance"

In January of 2016, Shunkun Bunshun reported on Kawatani's affair with Becky (33).


2: 2018/01/20(土) 11:03:56.55
You say nothing ヽ(´∀`)ノ

3: 2018/01/20(土) 11:04:21.14
Does this guy know anyone other than Japanese people

5: 2018/01/20(土) 11:04:59.57
This is obvious but he hasn't reflected at all

6: 2018/01/20(土) 11:06:05.35
But what about you

9: 2018/01/20(土) 11:08:23.06
Foreign paparazzi are much more cruel

11: 2018/01/20(土) 11:09:02.25
In this guys case it's a basic fact that his face, voice and songs are so gross that you can't agree with them. And he has a warped personality, so don't show your face again

13: 2018/01/20(土) 11:09:12.94
The person who advertises Gesu no Kiwami says "Japanese people are weird in the head"

15: 2018/01/20(土) 11:09:37.08
Korean mushroom

18: 2018/01/20(土) 11:10:47.38
What hell, you're a mushroom though

20: 2018/01/20(土) 11:11:47.53
This guy is a malicious Jap

21: 2018/01/20(土) 11:11:50.64
A reckless remark from a criminal

22: 2018/01/20(土) 11:11:56.91
It's been about 2 years since that
That was quick

24: 2018/01/20(土) 11:12:21.27
This guy looks gross but his music isn't bad. The bass, piano  and drums are particularly good. But One Ok Rock are better looking (笑)

25: 2018/01/20(土) 11:12:22.85
If you don't like it then leave Japan

28: 2018/01/20(土) 11:13:16.36
What is this criminal saying?
That cheating isn't bad?

30: 2018/01/20(土) 11:13:38.27
Komuro has it tough taking care of someone is so I sympathize, but you are no good.

32: 2018/01/20(土) 11:13:48.02
People will probably forget about him so he has to make these kinds of statements that will make him stand out for a short amount of time

33: 2018/01/20(土) 11:13:54.99
You are absolute trash who shut yourself in a rotten world that's fill with sexual crimes and drugs
Instead of saying that the world is bad, keep the jokes in your hairstyle

36: 2018/01/20(土) 11:14:29.58
Where did he say Japanese people?

37: 2018/01/20(土) 11:15:13.34
Write and submit a graduation thesis on the world being sick

42: 2018/01/20(土) 11:16:05.91
This guy won't hurry up and disappear huh

45: 2018/01/20(土) 11:16:49.52
If you really think about it this guy is pitiful
He has no chance of rising above
No matter how many good songs he creates from now on, people will only say "Oh, it's that cheating guy" and no one will want to look at him or associate with him

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