Johnny's "King and Prince" to Debut this Spring

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ジャニーズ事務所『King&Prince』が今春CDデビュー | ORICON
ジャニーズJr.内人気ユニット・Mr.KING(平野紫耀、永瀬廉、高橋海人)とPrince(岸優太、神宮寺勇太、岩橋玄樹)の6人からなる新グループ『King & Prince(キング アンド プリンス)』が今春、ユニバーサルミュージックからCDデビューすることが17日、発表された。このほど、ジャニーズ事務所とユニバーサルミュージックが初のタッグを組んだ新レーベル・Johnnys’Universe(ジャニーズユニバース)が設立され、同グループが第一弾アーティストとしてリリースされる。

All six members attended a press conference at Universal Music's new company building. Hirano said, "There are various artists in the world, but I want to become a group that won't lose to those people." The eldest, Kishi said "I want to leave a mark in this generation. Someday...I want to have a concert at a dome." Takashi said "I'm glad that I believed in myself and did this while continuously being supported by fans. We're going to be tied with the tag of worldwide famous group so I want to become famous world wide."

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The name sucks

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Too many groups are debuting

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I go to the same college as Nagase Ren, but I have the strong memory of waiting for a bus that was going to be late, and while no one else was in a rush, only Nagase Ren was in a rush saying "This won't be on time huh?"while being impatient towards his friends. But when I really think of it, he wouldn't be able to come to school after debuting so maybe that's why he was impatient.

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Congratulations on your debut

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King and Prince (笑)
What kind of faces do they have?

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If you're going to say all of that then don't lip sync

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Yet another weird group name...
It's like they haven't taken out that Showa feel

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I thought they wouldn't debut

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Will they be popular or won't they be popular

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Sorry, I can't follow them anymore.

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Who are they?

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They might be called KinPuri.

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They'll probably steal Sexy Zone fans

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They debuted too late so I don't see any longevity.
The acting business and variety world are already full so I don't see how they're going to sell.

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I'm not a Johnny wota so I don't know not one of them.

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