Ehara Masahiro Says of Komuro Tetsuya's Retirement "The Gossip Rags have Killed Another Genius"

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"Komuro Tetsuya-san will's not like he can live off royalties alone, and everyone is grateful for the things he created...who cares about the affair reports. He's not causing trouble to anyone so leave him alone!! The magazines have killed another genius," he tweeted. 

He continued, "I think Bunshun is a job too. I am grateful for the news and reports they do. But they reveal things that are not crimes and that everyone needs not to know. I don't like that they stopped someone that gave birth to such a joy for everyone. I beg of you, stop!"

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But he got what he deserved didn't he? And he was the one who decided to retire

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Huh~? Don't say something like you're all important!

4. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:45:05  [通報]+1757
Okay well he shouldn't have cheated, he got what he deserved

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Here Kawatani Enon will have a word ↓

6. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:45:12  [通報]+676-239
He's not dead though

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I will never forgive an affair, but I understand why you wouldn't care about someone else's cheating.

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What a waste. He shouldn't have gone as far as retiring.

10. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:45:25  [通報]+890-535
His talent is already dead so he's safe

11. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:45:35  [通報]+1044-364
He vowed to stay married in sickness and in health right?
So what the heck does he mean when he says it couldn't be helped that he cheated when his wife was sick

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That person has nothing to do with it

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The person who did wrong is Komuro himself but for this I want for him to be left alone

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No cheating does cause trouble, and you have nothing to do with it

16. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:45:53  [通報]+741-284
To a person who's family was destroyed by their father's cheating and whose entire family has mental illness, cheating is the same as a crime
It's just a lawful murder

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What the hell. It's like he's feeling himself for pretending to be a journalist

18. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:45:59  [通報]+1022-36
There was certainly too much heat on him. But cheating is wrong

19. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:46:01  [通報]+956-57
It's not good to cheat, but it's not a crime.

20. 匿名 2018/01/19(金) 18:46:02  [通報]+792-13
Even though he made a lot of great music he wasn't able to have a brilliant retirement...

Ehara Masahiro Says of Komuro Tetsuya's Retirement "The Gossip Rags have Killed Another Genius" Ehara Masahiro Says of Komuro Tetsuya's Retirement "The Gossip Rags have Killed Another Genius" Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 4:15 PM Rating: 5

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