Actress Sawajiri Erika on betsu ni controversy: "I had a strange mental state"

1: 2018/01/02(火) 17:04:05.16 _USER9
Sawjiri on "Betsu ni" controversy: "I had a strange mental state."

Sawajiri appeared on Sanma's show "Sanma no Manma." On the show she spoke of her 2007 controversy in which she answered a question with "bestu ni" while promoting the movie "Closed Diary."

Sanma brought up the controversy saying "Is there anyone who would say that?!" It appeared that he saw the movie. "You tried your best. You had amazing performance," he said.

He continued "I don't understand why you said 'betsu ni' there. That's a word you definitely don't need to say."

When asked "What in the world happened?" Sawajiri replied, "That time was strange. At that time, I think had a strange mental state."

2: 2018/01/02(火) 17:05:03.01
Bestu ni

3: 2018/01/02(火) 17:05:27.61
The women in this world are nothing but idiots

5: 2018/01/02(火) 17:06:59.05
They always bring out this same topic
Who cares

6: 2018/01/02(火) 17:06:59.97
She always had a strange personality, or should I say bad personality
She's also dumb
It's not something that will go away

8: 2018/01/02(火) 17:07:36.96
It seems that she'll always be asked about what happened when she was 20 (´・ω・`)

11: 2018/01/02(火) 17:08:20.97
People who ask about this have strange mental states
How many times are they going to do this

13: 2018/01/02(火) 17:09:03.11
With this statement she laid the foundation for Momoclo and Stardust idols

16: 2018/01/02(火) 17:10:40.32
Didn't Takeuchi Yuuko make fun of her for that outfit?

20: 2018/01/02(火) 17:12:22.93
Sawajiri's only defining work is "betsu ni" so of course she'll always be asked about it

31: 2018/01/02(火) 17:15:15.48
Anyone will have a learning phase

35: 2018/01/02(火) 17:16:54.59
Tomonaga's annoying hosting is at fault too
That pisses me off

38: 2018/01/02(火) 17:17:26.06
It's pathetic that this is the only thing that represents her

40: 2018/01/02(火) 17:18:03.10
We're lucky that thanks to that we got to see her beautiful breasts

42: 2018/01/02(火) 17:19:52.36
Didn't like her hair or makeup
Tomonaga's girly characteristics were on full display and that was persistent and annoying
I thought she was on her period or wasn't feeling well w

46: 2018/01/02(火) 17:20:52.12
Only, there hasn't been one article of Tomonaga apologizing so she hasn't apologized yet I bet

58: 2018/01/02(火) 17:26:44.07
Your true self was revealed
That you didn't hide your true self and revealed it might be because your mental state was strange

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