Saturday, December 23, 2017

[Yahoo News] Okada Junichi and Miyazaki Aoi to Get Married After Dating since 2015


Okada Junichi, Miyazaki Aoi to Get Married...The Big Couple in a Relationship since 2015 

1. +18971 -2933
Finally a proper marriage.
Johnny certainly allowed it too. 
I wonder if the rules are slowly getting more lenient. 
At any rate congratulations!
2. +11219 -886
They've been dating for a long time and they're at the right age so I think marriage is a good thing. 
Lately Okada has had more cool-type roles than idol roles, and he probably won't lose any fans from getting married. 

But, I think there are only a few people who will believe that they have been dating since 2015. This is an adulterous marriage. 

3. +13560 -2147
In the gossip rags they were saying that he got on his knees and apologized to Takaoka Sosuke. Only the people involved know the truth but they're getting married huh~. I wonder if they'll do a live announcement on the Countdown? I want Sakamoto-kun to try his best too. 

4. +10778 -1404
So I guess this means they committed adultery. 

Since Okada is in Johnny's I wonder if the media were afraid to say anything (笑)
A number of years have passed but by looking at these comments everyone seems to remember pretty well (笑)

5. +8952 -977
So they cheated after all. There have been many things that have happened up until her remarrying. So what her ex-husband said was true...

6. +10256 -1485
Trash cheaters. 
Becky was flamed so much but these people's adulterous love gets ignored. 

7. +10961 -1831
They think the heat had cooled down huh~ both of them. 

8. +8993 -1297
Cheating big couple. 

9. +9706 -1570
This generation doesn't care. 
This is taking a man's wife by cheating right? The important part is being left out. 
For that, Takaoka is probably mad. 

10. +8135 -1238
The couple are probably joyous at it being Christmas, but the passionate fans who are getting this news on Christmas are probably sad...


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