Who Did You Want to Perform at Kohaku?

1. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:34:34 +376-119
Tell me the artists you wanted to appear at Kohaku!
For me it's Porno Graffiti


2. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:35:08  [通報]+306-54

3. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:35:13  [通報]+464-55
Golden Bomber
I was hoping for their performance

4. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:35:27  [通報]+369-70
Amuro Namie

5. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:35:31  [通報]+15-27
Fifth Harmony
Little Mix

6. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:35:59  [通報]+272-59
Superfly. I wanted to see them live

7. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:10  [通報]+216-86

8. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:13  [通報]+265-51
Yonezu Kenshi
Because I liked the Uchiage theme song

9. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:18  [通報]+47-10
I don't know who's going to perform yet...

10. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:22  [通報]+271-46
Of course Kobayashi Sachiko
She is a presence I want at Kohaku

11. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:23  [通報]+237-66
back number

12. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:25  [通報]+182-66
back number!!

14. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:31  [通報]+160-31
(small voice) Kobayashi Sachiko...

15. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:35  [通報]+172-35
Hata Motohiro!

16. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:35  [通報]+184-68
Hamasaki Ayumi www

Either she can't perform because she can't lip sync on NHK, or it's that her fatness will be revealed...

Even though she wasn't chosen she said "I'm graduating!" right?


17. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:55  [通報]+99-20
Bruno Mars
It's impossible though (笑)

18. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:36:57  [通報]+145-33

19. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:37:02  [通報]+127-48

20. 匿名 2017/12/04(月) 17:37:09  [通報]+48-64
>>3 I might be tired of Golden Bomber already...

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