Tsuchiya Tao "I want to become a convenient woman"

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Matsumoto asked "Listening to what you said just now, when you get married, are the type that wants to get settled into the household?"

Tao answered, "I think that I want to become a convenient woman." "When you hear convenient woman, it might sound weird...um...that is..." "If I don't become selfish then I think that would be fine I guess...I want my partner to become a convenient boyfriend."

Hamada said, "Tao, I don't understand what you're saying," and Matsumoto slapped him.

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Another flaming topic...

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Like a professional girlfriend?

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Another flaming topic

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She just wants to be popular with men. She's slick

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How young

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Even though she says these pleasant things her image won't get any better

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Her idiocy has been exposed

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Why does Macchan slap Hama-chan not understanding what Tao says? 笑笑

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Yeah yeah
Is that so /s

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What does she mean?

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Even when she talks with old guys she's boring

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When I look at Tsuchiya Tao I remember Sato Takeru's pouting face

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