One Ok Rock's Taka Reveals Friendly Photo with Rola

1: 2017/12/28(木) 16:02:43.99 _USER9 

no title

10: 2017/12/28(木) 16:09:51.70
Rola, move up a little bit w

11: 2017/12/28(木) 16:10:10.25
Rola likes sushi
She likes sea urchin

20: 2017/12/28(木) 16:17:40.55
Rola has attracted various types of people
She was cute in her variety days though

21: 2017/12/28(木) 16:18:45.40
I hate Rola
She went out of her way to go to Taka's house in Los Angeles

22: 2017/12/28(木) 16:19:17.28
I think he's a good singer, but at any rate their songs are lame
At any rate their songs are lame

209: 2017/12/28(木) 20:02:54.17
If that's lame then show me the songs that you listen to regularly

32: 2017/12/28(木) 16:25:04.01
I laugh at the both of them with their foreigner complexes

35: 2017/12/28(木) 16:30:10.38
Rola's CMs are super annoying

36: 2017/12/28(木) 16:31:03.53
Rola aims for the big fish

42: 2017/12/28(木) 16:33:30.17
The New Year's scoop will be this couple dating or their marriage

44: 2017/12/28(木) 16:36:13.64
This singer has quite a few years on him. I didn't know

65: 2017/12/28(木) 16:54:14.22
I like him because he won't perform at Kohaku

74: 2017/12/28(木) 16:58:38.42
This chick does nothing but take photos with celebrities
She's loose

79: 2017/12/28(木) 17:03:15.56
What is this
They look like nothing but an ordinary married couple

64: 2017/12/28(木) 16:52:54.44
If they're both single then there's no problem

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