Friday, December 22, 2017

NHK Personnel Admit to Embezzling Funds Received from Licensing Fees


1: 2017/12/21(木) 20:20:02.88 ● BE:844481327-PLT(13345) ポイント特典
It was discovered that employees of the Nagoya NHK station embezzled 580,000 yen of licensing fees, and that NHK had decided to handle the situation with a disciplinary dismissal.

2: 2017/12/21(木) 20:20:41.72
So they ended it with disciplinary dismissal

4: 2017/12/21(木) 20:21:11.98
>As employees of public broadcasting

Why the hell are they selfishly working public broadcasting

5: 2017/12/21(木) 20:21:21.54
Too stupid w

6: 2017/12/21(木) 20:21:26.35
This has legally proven that there is no necessity to pay.

7: 2017/12/21(木) 20:22:06.45
Arrest them

9: 2017/12/21(木) 20:22:46.08
And with this they tell us to pay? Don't make me laugh

11: 2017/12/21(木) 20:24:16.67
Must be fun to play with people's money

14: 2017/12/21(木) 20:25:41.37
This doesn't only apply to NHK, but I don't understand how people can have the nerve to embezzle this kind of money
They will definitely be found out

17: 2017/12/21(木) 20:26:10.12
NHK's salaries are ridiculously high so why did they do that kind of thing?

19: 2017/12/21(木) 20:26:48.16
This is just the tip of the iceberg w

24: 2017/12/21(木) 20:28:13.74
The existence of NHK itself is the misappropriation and embezzlement of the citizen's assets

27: 2017/12/21(木) 20:29:05.08
Their official salary is originally the exploitation of the citizens

32: 2017/12/21(木) 20:31:04.97
Alright this is just another reason not to pay

36: 2017/12/21(木) 20:32:27.31
I don't care if they embezzle, there is no choice other than not paying!

54: 2017/12/21(木) 20:40:07.51
They say that paying them is a duty so I can't do anything but laugh

61: 2017/12/21(木) 20:43:16.26
Those bill collectors are nothing but idiots


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