Mizukawa Asami and Kubota Masataka are Living Together

1: 2017/12/08(金) 08:51:12.29 _USER9

One night in late November, Kubota Masataka (left) openly enjoyed a drive with Mizukawa Asami (right) in his beloved car
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6: 2017/12/08(金) 08:55:22.62
Kubota got taken too

9: 2017/12/08(金) 08:55:46.53
They look good together

11: 2017/12/08(金) 08:57:36.62
Super rich

12: 2017/12/08(金) 08:57:40.36
This is fine isn't it?
Don't care

14: 2017/12/08(金) 08:58:33.38
Three actresses whose love scandal I don't care about
Mizukawa, Toda, Nikaido

30: 2017/12/08(金) 09:05:18.14
In the middle of reading I got her mixed up with Toda Erika
She was caught with a man too

15: 2017/12/08(金) 08:58:40.96
I don't understand Kubota's taste in women

16: 2017/12/08(金) 08:58:49.72
In the future the 34 year old will get dumped

18: 2017/12/08(金) 08:59:08.69
Who was Kubota rumored to be dating before?

68: 2017/12/08(金) 09:12:47.40
Tabe Mikako

20: 2017/12/08(金) 09:00:02.05
I remembered!
It wasTabe-chan!
Tabe-chan was better

24: 2017/12/08(金) 09:02:19.77
Mizukawa Asami has too many men
I think she's popular

123: 2017/12/08(金) 09:42:21.84
She' so popular people are jealous of her

35: 2017/12/08(金) 09:06:27.05
She's going to take Kubota all the way up to marriage
Because after 34 there's not much left for women

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