Hyde gets #1 spot in "Face you want with plastic surgery" stolen after 9 years

1: 2017/12/06(水) 02:51:59.46 ID:7VzCZn7K0

1位 Iwata Takanori
2位 hyde
5位 Okada Junichi
6位 Nakagawa Taishi
7位 Miura Haruma
8位 Sakurai Sho
9位 Suda Masaki
10位 Fukuyama Masaharu

Iwata Takanori's face that shone in the #1 spot
no title

4: 2017/12/06(水) 02:53:00.98 ID:oS+nKePWd

5: 2017/12/06(水) 02:53:16.75 ID:7VzCZn7K0
#2 hyde
no title

no title

no title

6: 2017/12/06(水) 02:53:25.86 ID:bilHbXVB0
Gackt isn't on the list

10: 2017/12/06(水) 02:54:33.21 ID:fYxznvvo0
If hyde at least had some height he would be perfect
It's pitiful that he has such a well put together face at 161cm

11: 2017/12/06(水) 02:55:26.63 ID:s6huCBKC0
Is this okay?
He has a face like a second rate stage actor though

12: 2017/12/06(水) 02:55:51.11 ID:hvFQ/eZH0
This is a ranking of what faces women would want if they became men

14: 2017/12/06(水) 02:55:58.47 ID:00AHLkUF0
It's a mystery as to why this guy is being praised
He's just a dumpling nosed adenoid
Sandaime are more upstanding young men and they are admired

20: 2017/12/06(水) 02:58:50.76 ID:IyVCHNNxa
I like androgynous faces so I don't like any of them other than hyde

22: 2017/12/06(水) 03:00:01.72 ID:QoLi/qSW0
I don't think hyde's face is handsome at all
Isn't the area below his nose kind of long?

23: 2017/12/06(水) 03:00:15.66 ID:nGKzxj1H0
I don't understand what's so good about Sakurai Sho

24: 2017/12/06(水) 03:00:28.42 ID:TcKh4/8f0
If we're going to compare then hyde is the better looking one
But the one who's face I would want is Fukuyama Masaharu

30: 2017/12/06(水) 03:02:20.63 ID:00AHLkUF0
Iwata: Graduated from Keiou, a good dancer and a good actor
Hyde: Only graduated from high school, short, tone deaf

This is a depressing difference in specs

33: 2017/12/06(水) 03:02:54.40 ID:QoLi/qSW0
Among these the faces I want are only Miura Haruma, Nakagawa Taishi, and Suda Masaki 

41: 2017/12/06(水) 03:04:39.89 ID:CAEn1j7C0
hyde's so much like a FF character it's abnormal

44: 2017/12/06(水) 03:05:19.48 ID:00AHLkUF0
When hyde was in  his visual kei peak phase I couldn't understand what about him was good looking
Teru, Kawamura Ryuichi and Matsuoka Mitsuru are much more good looking

51: 2017/12/06(水) 03:07:18.94 ID:hp4n9HAO0
There's no Abe Hiroshi

53: 2017/12/06(水) 03:07:43.43 ID:/Xm4nNhIp
Iwata in the Happy PV is super ikemen

54: 2017/12/06(水) 03:07:58.70 ID:7VzCZn7K0
The opinions of the Iwata stands
  • Good-natured young man
  • because he graduated from Keiou
  • good dancer
  • a good person
  • is a good actor
His face has nothing to do with it lol

55: 2017/12/06(水) 03:08:09.52 ID:W4S7nn82M
hyde and KimuTaku are out of fashion now

64: 2017/12/06(水) 03:13:20.88 ID:7VzCZn7K0
Now there are no ikemen that can surpass them in their prime

no title

no title

67: 2017/12/06(水) 03:14:35.93 ID:DX6LaSPu0
I see it for hyde from KimuTaku is average

57: 2017/12/06(水) 03:10:24.94 ID:kMNxnKRe0
For me it's Nagase Tomoya

69: 2017/12/06(水) 03:15:28.90 ID:BtyYO0n20
Aren't hyde's eyebrows and eyes too close together?

38: 2017/12/06(水) 03:03:36.81 ID:Ty1Ypvoq0
Narimiya is better

40: 2017/12/06(水) 03:04:07.81 ID:nGKzxj1H0
no title

88: 2017/12/06(水) 03:27:29.42 ID:A/PS3yfK0
The guy in the middle seems like he would throw playing cards to attack

Hyde gets #1 spot in "Face you want with plastic surgery" stolen after 9 years Hyde gets #1 spot in "Face you want with plastic surgery" stolen after 9 years Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 9:41 AM Rating: 5

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