High School Student Idol Gets Pregnant By Her Manager


1: 2017/12/28(木) 18:46:48.20 _USER9
Pandemonium at female high school student idol pregnancy; the father is her manager...Fans: "The worst act of betrayal"

The female high school student idol Kiraboshi Asuka (18) announced her pregnancy on Twitter.
The father is her manager (22) who she has been dating for 2 years.
The ones who received the most shock from her announcement were fans that supported her over the years. Replies to the Tweet were things like "I'm disillusioned..." and "This is the worst act of betrayal."

■"My feeling of despair are no joke" "I will quit being your fan"

Kiraboshi-san is an idol and singer who is mainly active in the center of Tokyo. She was a member of the idol group "Star-Bright" until October 2017. Kiraboshi announced on her Twitter on December 21 that she had "a big announcement" and "I have become pregnant." Continuing she said "I had no intentions of hiding it," and revealed that the father is her manager. She did not say a word about marriage.

In her announcement she said "I think that there will be lots of people who see this and will be surprised! I think there are a lot of people who will move away from Asuka. But Asuka will not stop the activities that she has done until now. From now on I will also, no from now on I will try my hardest along with the child in my stomach!"


5: 2017/12/28(木) 18:48:12.67
This is horrible

6: 2017/12/28(木) 18:48:37.89
She hasn't been killed yet w

12: 2017/12/28(木) 18:50:46.84
Kiraboshi Asuka

no title

21: 2017/12/28(木) 18:51:52.36
...she has fans?

13: 2017/12/28(木) 18:50:48.89
I looked at her face.

You guys, meeting adjourned

14: 2017/12/28(木) 18:50:52.45
When I googled her she ended up being totally ugly

15: 2017/12/28(木) 18:50:54.28
Her so called fans can't do anything other than quit being a fan

18: 2017/12/28(木) 18:51:23.11
She wrote about being pregnant, but neither of these pieces of trash haven't written about being married wwwww

25: 2017/12/28(木) 18:52:14.89
If you walk around over there there are plenty of girls that are cuter than her
How is she able to be an idol with that kind of face

39: 2017/12/28(木) 18:53:29.52
I'm having a pandemonium over her having enough fans for there to be a pandemonium
In this generation you can become an idol even like this

42: 2017/12/28(木) 18:53:54.86
Eh who cares
She's ugly anyway

44: 2017/12/28(木) 18:53:59.67
Who cares about the fans, what about her parents...

45: 2017/12/28(木) 18:54:04.82
An idiot impregnated by another idiot

57: 2017/12/28(木) 18:55:15.18
If it's pure love then there are no legal problems

69: 2017/12/28(木) 18:56:18.92
I saw her face and stopped caring

84: 2017/12/28(木) 18:57:38.39
This is a joyous thing amid the low birth rates...she's ugly w

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