Fans Get Pissed at Audience Member who was Touched by Matsumoto Jun

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「Mステ」で松潤に触った観覧客に嵐ファンがブチ切れ! – アサジョ
「Mステ」で松潤に触った観覧客に嵐ファンがブチ切れ! – アサジョ
羨ましすぎる展開にファンの嫉妬は最高潮に!?  嵐の松本潤が22日放送の音楽特番「ミュージックステーション スーパーライブ2017」(テレビ朝日系)で、ファンであれば誰もが羨ましがるファンサービスを見せ、ファンをザワつかせた。

Arashi did a three song medley. In the last song "Love so Sweet," the members sang while moving in between the main stage and side stage. In the area surrounding the side stage there was a stand in front where the members could reach their hands out. The audience members looked on with sparkly eyes, but Matsumoto reached his hand out to one person among them and made physical contact. That woman was shown to look happy and excited.

It is a given that audience members would feel a lot of emotion towards this unexpected act of fanservice, but the Arashi fans watching from television were saying "It was mortifying, I fainted in my house," "You touch that woman just now," and "I absolutely won't forgive you."

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Arashi fans are scary

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Shut up crazy Janiwotas

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>Matsumoto extended his hand to one person among them

It would be one thing if the fan forcefully touched MatsuJun but he touched the fan himself so it can't be helped

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"You touched that woman just now" "I absolutely will not forgive you"

Scary w
They aren't exposing her on purpose right?

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That's why Janiwotas are scary

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It might be a little unpleasant, but in reality if the people on Twitter on Twitter were next to him they would reach their hand out and touch him too

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This generation has done well in being able to single out one person so easily

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Making an enemy out of Janiwotas is scary~

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Ah scary.
This woman will probably be flamed by the fans for the rest of her life.

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This happened before right...Was it Nino?

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They're all not saying that seriously right?
Do Janiwotas talk seriously?

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For MatsuJun to have reached out his hand to her that girl must have been pretty cute www

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