Celebrities Who You Think Get Too Much Hate

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Let's post celebrities who get too much hate on Girls Channel or elsewhere on the internet.
I think it's a shame that Tsuchiya Tao gets a lot of topics posted on Girls Channel, and that the volume of hate comments written is quite high.
She didn't anything to earn that much hate.

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I have a feeling that they'll get downvotes just by putting their names on here

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I think Becky got what she deserves

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8. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:45:59  [通報]+1451-394
Hirose Suzu

9. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:07  [通報]+1784-224
It might only be on here but Tsuchiya Tao and Arimura Kasumi

10. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:10  [通報]+641-270
I don't think the hate is more than necessary. It's just right

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12. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:17  [通報]+872-79
The likes of Tsuji, Saeko, and OHama-san?
I don't think they get too much hate though.

13. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:18  [通報]+882-76
Arimura Kasumi.

15. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:22  [通報]+1481-38
Hamasaki Ayumi
She's certainly cringy but I don't think the world cares that much about her..

16. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:26  [通報]+879-122
Lately the figure skater Honda Marin

17. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:27  [通報]+1190-153
Tsuji-chan? She gets tons of hate here, but I think her cooking looks pretty good

18. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:31  [通報]+1246-67
Tsuji Nozomi. She gets hate for the most pointless things

20. 匿名 2017/12/09(土) 18:46:35  [通報]+169-357


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