Blouson Chiemi Dating Rumors?! Her Partner Might Be the Guy Who's Always Next to Her

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-Blouson's assistant
The person being rumored to be her boyfriend is "With B's" Koji. The ikemen who is always with Blouson is becoming a topic of discussion as to whether or not they are dating.

-He wore a bathrobe in one of their hotel rooms
It's understandable that there are these kinds of rumors, and actually it would be more unnatural if he weren't her boyfriend. On his boyfriend Blouson took a picture of him with a bathrobe. Only a couple would be in that kind of situation.

-She might be pregnant
In addition, there have recently been a lot of photos of them on what might be dates, and it would be unnatural if they weren't on dates. Since they are always together their love will become strong, and they probably have grown to love each other.

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2: 2017/12/20(水) 23:29:46.24
Who cares. I want her to disappear already

4: 2017/12/20(水) 23:30:22.11
So that's why her stomach is big

6: 2017/12/20(水) 23:31:09.27
I though it was the buy behind her and it turned out to be the guy behind her

7: 2017/12/20(水) 23:31:59.70
Who and who

11: 2017/12/20(水) 23:35:59.38
A really irrelevant story

12: 2017/12/20(水) 23:36:19.43
Finally men are able to get pregnant

13: 2017/12/20(水) 23:38:01.60
"If they're dating then she's pregnant"


19: 2017/12/20(水) 23:44:56.64
Anyway, he's not an ikemen

21: 2017/12/20(水) 23:47:16.52
Koji is a friend that I played American football with in college, and even now we go out drinking once a month, but he said a relationship is impossible w

27: 2017/12/20(水) 23:54:21.18
A mass of discomfort

34: 2017/12/21(木) 00:03:44.33
Why is this kind of person on TV? Is she popular?

36: 2017/12/21(木) 00:05:49.42
Blouson is gradually getting thinner so I'm interested w

45: 2017/12/21(木) 00:33:18.98

no title

46: 2017/12/21(木) 00:34:27.56

47: 2017/12/21(木) 00:36:31.44
It's the guy next to her right?

64: 2017/12/21(木) 06:17:27.83
Nice...I want to do her at least once

71: 2017/12/21(木) 07:39:46.63
She's a gross woman so I want her to hurry up and vanish

79: 2017/12/21(木) 08:22:39.04
Blusoun Tsuwari [morning sickness]

81: 2017/12/21(木) 08:52:54.78
Gross. He's only getting close to her for money anyway

82: 2017/12/21(木) 09:05:59.66
Hmm she's ugly though
She's the one in the class who lively but mentally weak
She's any ugly girl who gets hurt by being called ugly
It's just that she's weak in between the legs so she's the best in the sack

91: 2017/12/21(木) 09:46:02.95
Good for you Blouson

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