Beautiful Celebrities with Hooded Eyelids and Single Eyelids

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Generally everyone admires distinct double eyelids, but are there any celebrities who don't have them but are still pretty?
I think Ayase Haruka is pretty.


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3. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:37:11  [通報]+409-33
Yoshitaka Yuriko
Kawase Tomoko

4. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:37:22  [通報]+439-97
Tabe Mikako-chan
She's not a classic pretty girl but I think she's exquisitely beautiful!

5. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:37:51  [通報]+828-44
Like Kuroki Meisa? I think she's beautiful


6. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:38:07  [通報]+254-37
Yoshitaka Yuriko

8. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:38:26  [通報]+161-32
Boa from back in the day

9. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:38:57  [通報]+5-31
Matsuko Deluxe

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Ayase Haruka has double eyelids doesn't she?
The width just looks narrower because of her eyeliner

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I like the shape of Ayase Haruka's eyes.

15. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:40:56  [通報]+316-8
Ayase Haruka...Yoshitaka Yuriko
I can't think of anyone with hooded eyelids or monolids...
There must be that many people with double eyelids in the entertainment business

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20. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:41:32  [通報]+338-4
When their eyes are big people with hooded eyelids are still beautiful

21. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:42:07  [通報]+431-90
Eikura Nana


22. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:42:15  [通報]+680-21
I don't want hooded eyelids and single eyelids to be put together in the same group.
There is a big difference in between the two.

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26. 匿名 2017/12/17(日) 17:43:18  [通報+660-61
She's already been posted but Tabe Mikako has really gotten pretty~
I always look at her in CMs


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