Ash/Satoshi from Pokemon Gets Plastic Surgery Yet Again

1: 2017/12/11(月) 08:55:38.015 ID:QbtjfNTv0
His face changed too much

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2: 2017/12/11(月) 08:56:08.372 ID:BDBUKITyd

6: 2017/12/11(月) 08:56:44.450 ID:fQYvI8eU0

4: 2017/12/11(月) 08:56:29.075 ID:pIphf1/lF
Why am I sexually excited?

8: 2017/12/11(月) 08:56:55.624 ID:AhjWA+rv0
He face looks like a pokemon

10: 2017/12/11(月) 08:57:08.419 ID:U5hud4yOp
I hate the route they've been going with lately

13: 2017/12/11(月) 08:57:18.340 ID:ENkk5Eim0
He's Satoko already

17: 2017/12/11(月) 08:58:28.330 ID:35onLKsq0
XY was the best
Bring it back
Sun and Moon is too gross

25: 2017/12/11(月) 09:02:57.846 ID:/emBz05YM
The hat is still the original

37: 2017/12/11(月) 09:13:24.472 ID:9y9Mht3mr
To put it clearly this is gross
I've grown familiar with Sun Moon so they should've just done a Sun Moon movie

41: 2017/12/11(月) 09:16:59.009 ID:c4fKwZ3w0
The generations

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42: 2017/12/11(月) 09:18:27.184 ID:c4fKwZ3w0
These were better

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44: 2017/12/11(月) 09:19:10.607 ID:Gjq1y0oba
There's not much of a change

43: 2017/12/11(月) 09:18:37.512 ID:pkEzwGKP0
He looks like Lupin

49: 2017/12/11(月) 09:44:33.594 ID:vMoanm2s0
How many years has Satoshi been traveling?

53: 2017/12/11(月) 10:02:10.392 ID:SUBpwEto0
I saw the Sun Moon Satoshi for the first time
They've come this far so they intentionally changed him
I don't really think it's a bad thing

57: 2017/12/11(月) 10:47:21.340 ID:qfTV6bsI0
In Sun Moon he's not travelling so it's probably difficult to make a movie out of that

74: 2017/12/11(月) 13:05:41.826 ID:QbtjfNTv0
Of course this is a no go

no title

83: 2017/12/11(月) 14:11:49.908 ID:FmNc+JZJ0
Japanese people get plastic surgery left and right so this is not a problem

85: 2017/12/11(月) 14:29:32.096 ID:pVoCwI7S0
The blush on his cheeks is too gross

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