Arashi's Matsumoto Jun "I think I want to get married"

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Arashi's Matsumoto Jun on marriage "I think I want to"

On the 27th on the TBS program "Bibitto," Matsumoto had a conversation with his senpai Kokubun Taichi.
Kokubun asked him a question about marriage.
Matsumoto said "It's not like I haven't thought of it, but, if the timing isn't right, then it's pointless." The married Kokubun said "It is the timing."

Furthermore Kokubun said "For normal men, they tend to get married at 34 years old." Matsumoto replied "There are a lot around me."

After that, he made the comment "I think I want to (get married)."
"There are people with kids, and my friends' kids are fun, I think it's nice." 

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60: 2017/12/27(水) 11:22:17.13
Quick w

12: 2017/12/27(水) 10:13:16.67
I really hate this guy

13: 2017/12/27(水) 10:14:29.16
I bet there's a person he wants to marry

28: 2017/12/27(水) 10:25:39.37
Inoue Mao

16: 2017/12/27(水) 10:18:36.05
The person who came up with the name Piss Jun has excellent naming sense

18: 2017/12/27(水) 10:19:32.25
The person you met at that time was "Piss Jun"

22: 2017/12/27(水) 10:22:28.47
MatsuJun has a lizard-like aura drifting about him

27: 2017/12/27(水) 10:25:07.51
Was his cheating revealed?

34: 2017/12/27(水) 10:33:12.89
Saying "I think I want to" is failed Japanese
If you are talking about yourself then saying "I want to" is just fine
Why did you say "I think" even though it's your own opinion?

35: 2017/12/27(水) 10:34:21.50
But I don't think Mary and Julie will allow it (´・ω・`)

39: 2017/12/27(水) 10:43:28.92
I saw this on TV but Kokubun was full of himself
You were gorioshi since the beginning

42: 2017/12/27(水) 10:46:31.86
This guy has the worst personality
It might not be like that now but the actresses who worked with him all have bad first impressions of him
He gives off a bad vibe

46: 2017/12/27(水) 10:56:01.57
This guy and Inoue Mao both took a hit to their image
Rather when he was behaving properly people think better of him

64: 2017/12/27(水) 11:28:57.24
Nagase is in his early 40s right?

How old is Piss?

80: 2017/12/27(水) 12:46:57.39
If he marries Inoue Mao, will he be in better standing with the public?

83: 2017/12/27(水) 13:16:35.55
He'll probably marry Inoue Mao

101: 2017/12/27(水) 15:13:49.92
If he gets married it will have to be someone with a big heart
It would be good if he found such a person w

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