Akimoto Yasushi Announces "Produce48"

Make no mistake, will we be at the Tokyo Olympics

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At the 2017 MAMA in Japan award ceremony, Akimoto made a surprise announcement about "Produce48."

The system of AKB48, Japan's national representative idol group will join with the system from Mnet's idol competition show "Produce101," which allows the citizens to vote for their favorite idols.

8: 2017/11/30(木) 00:15:50.82
I reject this

10: 2017/11/30(木) 00:18:04.88
The glasses girl in the middle who's holding the mic is the cutest

12: 2017/11/30(木) 00:18:27.58
TWICE is already doing a combination of Korean and Japanese


13: 2017/11/30(木) 00:18:32.85
Why are they going out of their way to do this...
This will not be liked.

18: 2017/11/30(木) 00:21:31.87
Why did they have to specially choose Korea?

20: 2017/11/30(木) 00:21:44.57
He should fail

21: 2017/11/30(木) 00:21:59.43
What was Last Idol then?

30: 2017/11/30(木) 00:26:37.19
This Ossan is probably thinking ridiculous things everyday


31: 2017/11/30(木) 00:29:11.35
Aaah the Tokyo Olympics will be crappy because of this

33: 2017/11/30(木) 00:30:19.05
The ones on the right in the picture have scary faces

41: 2017/11/30(木) 00:36:52.77
Akimoto Handshake Yasushi

45: 2017/11/30(木) 00:40:04.06
There are so many countries but out of all them they chose Korea w

47: 2017/11/30(木) 00:41:49.95
He has a lot of money so he can do whatever he wants in Japan
I wonder if anyone is winning against Akimoto. The citizens are just yesmen

49: 2017/11/30(木) 00:42:24.30
I have  a feeling that this will be more popular in Korea than Japan

52: 2017/11/30(木) 00:43:40.58
This is going to be a mess

56: 2017/11/30(木) 00:45:19.43
Even though SNH48 were hijacked Akimoto's going to make the same mistake again...

65: 2017/11/30(木) 00:57:43.24
He knows the thing that Japanese people hate the most

66: 2017/11/30(木) 00:58:36.99
I can't help but feel fascinated by Akimoto's vitality

69: 2017/11/30(木) 01:04:00.35
I don't want any of these so-called idols at the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics

78: 2017/11/30(木) 01:15:58.68
When Korea is involved there won't be a desired result...

82: 2017/11/30(木) 01:20:39.49
If this gets hijacked like China then he'll be over with
He has less earning ability than a mouse

100: 2017/11/30(木) 01:46:24.48
We told you to stop associating with those guys!
Learn already! Give us a break!

146: 2017/11/30(木) 05:45:46.33
These kinds of groups are obnoxious already

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