Thursday, December 21, 2017

AKB48's Minegishi Minami Debut's New Long Hair

1: 2017/12/19(火) 15:04:26.10 _USER9

Minegishi before image change

no title

Change to long hair

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no title 

AKB48 Minegishi Minami

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5: 2017/12/19(火) 15:06:00.29
Why haven't we noticed that her hair grew?

24: 2017/12/19(火) 15:09:52.20
She probably has hair extensions

10: 2017/12/19(火) 15:07:05.03
Cuuuuute wwwwwwww

11: 2017/12/19(火) 15:07:09.36
She'll probably shave it again after she causes trouble

15: 2017/12/19(火) 15:07:34.00
Did you know that Miichan is this cute?

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no title 
no title 
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no title 
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220: 2017/12/19(火) 16:25:50.42

242: 2017/12/19(火) 16:40:27.85
She got chubby

19: 2017/12/19(火) 15:08:49.40
She's cute. Hair is important after all

21: 2017/12/19(火) 15:09:06.12
I want her to let me hit it

25: 2017/12/19(火) 15:09:54.06
She has nice teeth now

48: 2017/12/19(火) 15:13:56.28
Shave your head

54: 2017/12/19(火) 15:16:22.14
This chick wears wigs

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55: 2017/12/19(火) 15:16:30.21
Has she been on TV lately?
It looks like she was on TV a lot before...

58: 2017/12/19(火) 15:17:34.18
Angelic www

64: 2017/12/19(火) 15:18:42.53
Don't be fooled you guys!
This is Minegishi's true long hair!
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no title 
no title 
no title

69: 2017/12/19(火) 15:19:40.57
The shaved head looked good on her

71: 2017/12/19(火) 15:20:09.65
The girl who shaved her head is still doing activities w

79: 2017/12/19(火) 15:21:30.60
But if I were around her she is so cute that I would confess to her ❤

93: 2017/12/19(火) 15:29:27.21
Huh? She's gotten cuter

94: 2017/12/19(火) 15:29:34.29
Hasn't her face changed too much?

145: 2017/12/19(火) 15:45:30.51
Honestly I want to do her.
Even if her face is ugly her body is good.
I think that women's bodies are 80% of the overall value.


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