Aiba Masaki Has Had a Girlfriend He's Been Dating for Over 5 Years

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相葉雅紀「つき合いは5年以上」彼女とトイプードルが待つ家 (SmartFLASH) - Yahoo!ニュース

"The person who was waiting for Aiba's return was A-san from Kansai. They were both born in the same year, but since A-san was born earlier in the year she was one year ahead of him in school. She regularly visits Aiba's apartment with her toy poodle." (Two of their acquaintances)

"Even near the apartment that Aiba-san lived in before, there is a girl that looks like A-san nearby. Their relationship has been going on for over 5 years now."

"Aiba has even introduce A-san to his parents. His parents, who like animals, took a liking to her."

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Yes, best of luck

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He's already over 30, so I wish him the best
However, I don't think he should be hinting at her existence
Even if she's a commoner, there's still that one sect of Arashi fans that are crazy so it's dangerous

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Seriously---Aiba-chan too?

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This is fine

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Hmm he's already over 30 so this should be okay

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They're the same age and have been dating for 5 years, that's amazing

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Aiba-chan is at a good age.
Let him be.

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Oooh if he's serious about it then I like him more

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Arashi should get married already

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He's free to date but his job has a fantasy aspect.
Photos are out of the question. The professional thing to do is hide it

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I wish him the best!
I have no interest so anything is alright!

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Get married~~!

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Hasn't there been a lot of news about Arashi dating?

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Be happy.

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