4 Male Actors Whose Kiss Scenes are Said to Be "Gross!"

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濃厚すぎるキスシーンをして「キモい」と言われた芸能人4人! 滝沢秀明や江口洋介が口をパクパク…!tocana.jp

●Nishikido Ryo
Nishikido seemed like he greatly desired Aragaki Yui's lips. People said "Gross," "He just wants to kiss Gakki," "It's not acting, he's inserting his own feelings."


●Takizawa Hideaki
There were various kisses such as ones where the lips remained locked for over 15 seconds, but people think that Takizawa's kisses were particularly disgusting. "He flaps his mouth open and closed like a goldfish, it's gross" "Tackey's kiss was so gross that I lost all feelings for him in a second," "Tackey and Takei Emi's kiss was so sloppy that I laughed."


●Yamamura Ryuta
Yamamura is always criticized for his emotionless acting, but for his kiss scenes people say "Yamamura's kisses are too good," "Aren't Yamamura's kisses too natural?" But since his acting is bad and his kisses are good good, there are comments like "Kind of disgusting," "It's funny that his acting only gets good during kiss scenes," "Give us a break with suddenly becoming a pro only during kiss scenes."


●Eguchi Yosuke
Eguchi Yosuke and Eguchi Noriko engaged in a kiss inside a car before getting married. Here, Eguchi devoured her mouth causing netizens to say "Eeeewww!" "There aren't many kiss scenes this gross," and "What happened Eguchi-san?"


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Actors have it tough because their habits will be revealed.

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I laughed

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Those screenshots are all gross 笑

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Lol at Yamamura-san

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Even though they're all ikemen,why the heck do they have kiss scenes that are called gross

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On the other hand I want to know the ones that are good w

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Lol at Yamamura Ryuta's acting only getting good during the kiss scenes

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I didn't know that Eguchi-san kissed Eguchi-san

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I want to see all the videos!

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Eguchi is gross

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Tackey's face is too big

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Tackey and Takei Emi are both flapping their lips like goldfish (笑)

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