Yamada Ryosuke Gets Bashed for Full Metal Alchemist


-On November 11, the Japanese premier for Yamada Ryosuke's film "Full Metal Alchemist" happened at Tokyo Dome City Hall. 

-There were a lot of harsh comments such as "I went to the Japan premier of 'Full Metal Alchemist. I bawled at the end, it was too shitty of a movie," "The press conference was fun. But the contents of the movie..Fans of the original better not see it," "The personalities and settings of the characters were deteriorated so much that it was disgusting. I don't want to see it a second time."

3: 2017/11/18(土) 08:02:11.27
These pigs are going crazy again
If you have any complaints about the cast then make a live action movie yourself

4: 2017/11/18(土) 08:03:18.63
This is something we knew before the beginning
Why the hell were they all excited about it, then got disappointed and now they're bashing it


5: 2017/11/18(土) 08:03:45.90
Johnny's should just stop acting
They should just dance for otakus

8: 2017/11/18(土) 08:04:45.59
It might be of Hollywood quality

11: 2017/11/18(土) 08:06:42.48
I wonder if Arakawa-sensei has no attachment to her work
She's let them do whatever they wanted with the first anime and the live action

12: 2017/11/18(土) 08:07:07.40
I saw it
It was an awesome movie. Everyone should see it

13: 2017/11/18(土) 08:07:56.07
I saw it in a commercial but they don't look like the characters at all
They should make them look a like just a bit more

14: 2017/11/18(土) 08:08:20.57
Midgets in makeup are no good for lead roles

15: 2017/11/18(土) 08:08:50.05
Only the recreation of the character's heights is getting good reviews


20: 2017/11/18(土) 08:13:59.29
An idol who's not 170cm w

25: 2017/11/18(土) 08:15:33.70
They guy named Yamada of whatever is no good
He probably can't act

33: 2017/11/18(土) 08:19:02.95
Honda Tsubasa is horrible so at least make her blond
Yamada doesn't look like the character at all

34: 2017/11/18(土) 08:19:07.42
I saw the preview and it looked pretty interesting

39: 2017/11/18(土) 08:20:39.31
JoJo seems more interesting

40: 2017/11/18(土) 08:21:00.60
I keep hearing that Honda Tsubasa's acting is really shitty compared to the Johnny in the lead

41: 2017/11/18(土) 08:21:19.50
A huge difference from Gintama with Domoto Tsuyoshi

43: 2017/11/18(土) 08:22:37.32
The Gintama live action was interesting though 

44: 2017/11/18(土) 08:23:46.07
It's aimed at morons who just want to see their idol

50: 2017/11/18(土) 08:25:51.88
All of the actors have no aura at all


54: 2017/11/18(土) 08:27:46.27
It was horrible since before I saw it
And that chibi Yamada

61: 2017/11/18(土) 08:30:46.75
The fans of the original will not go see it

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