Women: "Ishihara Satomi is Gross," "I don't admire Arimura Kasumi's face," "Aragaki Yui is a plastic surgery girl"

1: 2017/11/22(水) 04:45:43.16 ID:wb+5RIJc0
Various criticisms

Arimura Kasumi

I don't admire Arimura-san's face

Ishihara Satomi

I don't want to be Ishihara Satomi!!
Lips, gross
Her fast speaking isn't cute

Aragaki Yui

(The picture is posted twice in the original)

2: 2017/11/22(水) 04:46:37.03
All of the Girls Channelers are negative

3: 2017/11/22(水) 04:47:04.70 ID:wb+5RIJc0
Are internet women prettier than actresses?
If they're not then they can't say these things

5: 2017/11/22(水) 04:47:37.93
Men criticize Johnnies too

7: 2017/11/22(水) 04:47:54.59
Wasn't Ishihara Satomi #1 in the faces you want ranking?

11: 2017/11/22(水) 04:49:13.95
Gakki's face shape is cute

13: 2017/11/22(水) 04:49:41.66
Those are all from Girls Channel ha

19: 2017/11/22(水) 04:51:37.02 ID:wb+5RIJc0
I looked on various sites and this one was the most popular

21: 2017/11/22(水) 04:52:59.34
They'll probably diss my Kawaguchi Haruna-chan by saying her face is huge

37: 2017/11/22(水) 04:58:01.57
Putting aside whether or not they would diss her

no title 

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It's a reality that her face is a bit big for a celebrity

39: 2017/11/22(水) 04:58:43.47
Conversely who is a woman that gets highly praised by other women?

47: 2017/11/22(水) 05:00:03.57 ID:wb+5RIJc0
Amami Yuki

52: 2017/11/22(水) 05:01:20.86
Why is this being called the general consensus among women?

57: 2017/11/22(水) 05:02:19.71 ID:wb+5RIJc0
The net and mainstream society are different
In real life people admire Gakki's looks

69: 2017/11/22(水) 05:05:34.09
These women have a really good eye wwwww

82: 2017/11/22(水) 05:10:41.05
Are there any women that are liked on Girls Channel?

87:2017/11/22(水) 05:11:42.55 ID:wb+5RIJc0
They like ones uglier than themselves

91: 2017/11/22(水) 05:13:09.65
They hype up Bluson Chiemi and Watanabe Naomi

90: 2017/11/22(水) 05:13:03.17
But you guys have a problem with the category of guys who are generally called ikemen

98: 2017/11/22(水) 05:14:53.42
There are bitches who make feminine women their enemy huh

124: 2017/11/22(水) 05:21:33.79
Ishihara Satomi has refined herself too much
I liked her when she was dorky in the past

134: 2017/11/22(水) 05:26:03.97

no title 

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no title
This was the best

141: 2017/11/22(水) 05:28:14.12 ID:wb+5RIJc0
I stan for her

92: 2017/11/22(水) 05:13:22.50
Are they jealous

Women: "Ishihara Satomi is Gross," "I don't admire Arimura Kasumi's face," "Aragaki Yui is a plastic surgery girl" Women: "Ishihara Satomi is Gross," "I don't admire Arimura Kasumi's face," "Aragaki Yui is a plastic surgery girl" Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 3:09 PM Rating: 5

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