The Cover for Non's (Nounen Rena) First Single "I Want to be a Superhero"


6: 2017/10/31(火) 05:34:00.54
What was it
Punk right?

7: 2017/10/31(火) 05:34:45.63
She looks like she has completely lost any affection she had for being an actress


8: 2017/10/31(火) 05:35:01.46
Did she really want to do this so bad that she quit her agency?

9: 2017/10/31(火) 05:36:41.82
Hmm..this is Sadistic Mika Band right
I understand the direction she's going in


11: 2017/10/31(火) 05:39:32.93
It's rare that a person in their 20s would only have old people as fans who support her

12: 2017/10/31(火) 05:42:32.68
Yeah yeah, she has various things that she wants to do so if she has the environment in which to try those things then she should keep giving those things a try

19: 2017/10/31(火) 05:52:51.03
She's 24?

27: 2017/10/31(火) 06:09:45.25
I don't know where she's headed but did her fans want to she Nounen go on this route?
I thought she was popular being a transparent bishoujo type

28: 2017/10/31(火) 06:12:44.66
Time Machine ni Onegai

32: 2017/10/31(火) 06:19:32.04
>>28 (>_<) 
Someone please stop her

76: 2017/10/31(火) 07:08:35.92
This is amateur karaoke level...

39: 2017/10/31(火) 06:33:00.88
She already experienced being a heroine so she wanted to become a hero


61: 2017/10/31(火) 06:52:44.44
If she puts out 3 CDs she'll probably get tired of doing music

65: 2017/10/31(火) 06:57:58.88
She looks like a fake Shinohara Tomoe w


69: 2017/10/31(火) 07:02:08.88
From what I saw of her singing at the Summer Festival her singing is not that good but is there no one around that will give her advice and stop her?

70: 2017/10/31(火) 07:03:39.86
She really seems like she's mentally ill

96: 2017/10/31(火) 07:43:17.75
She looks cute while singing

112: 2017/10/31(火) 08:55:14.24
She's not so bad it's good her singing in distinctly bad

74: 2017/10/31(火) 07:06:32.36
This quality
She is god's child

The Cover for Non's (Nounen Rena) First Single "I Want to be a Superhero" The Cover for Non's (Nounen Rena) First Single "I Want to be a Superhero" Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 1:12 PM Rating: 5

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