Ranking of Johnny's That are Good Actors

#1 is Okada Junichi
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This is a survey about Johnny's who are thought to be good actors. Leaving out the answers of "I don't know," which were 46.2%, in the ranking Okada Junichi was #1 with 31.7%.

This is the average ranking:
1位 「Okada Junichi」 31.7%
2位 「Higashiyama Noriyuki」 17.8%
3位 「Ninomiya Kazunari」 13.6%
4位 「Kimura Takuya」 10.3%
5位 「Ikuta Toma」 9.1%
6位 「Nagase Tomoya」 7.8%
7位 「Yamashita Tomohisa」 5.6%
8位 「Nakai Masahiro」 4.8%
9位 「Ohno Satoshi」 4.2%
10位 「Kamenashi Kazuya」 4.0%

6: 2017/11/04(土) 06:01:16.05

10: 2017/11/04(土) 06:04:30.83
Domoto Tsuyoshi is not there?

20: 2017/11/04(土) 06:15:40.19
That's because he hasn't been in a drama in a while

11: 2017/11/04(土) 06:06:14.35
Kazama Shunsuke


22: 2017/11/04(土) 06:16:01.17
Yamashita, Johnny's number one deadpan monotone speaker w
Heck no

26: 2017/11/04(土) 06:17:37.64
Making up these numbers is an easy job

30: 2017/11/04(土) 06:19:08.12
After watching Yamapi's acting I can see why Higashiyama has acting chops


41: 2017/11/04(土) 06:25:35.48
That's amazing
That Higashiyama would become a good actor

52: 2017/11/04(土) 06:36:27.05
Well anyone compared to Yamashita would be a good actor

32: 2017/11/04(土) 06:20:09.84
Kusanagi should be on there
You've got to be kidding that DomoTsuyo isn't on there

34: 2017/11/04(土) 06:22:08.56
Yamashita? You've got to be kidding

44: 2017/11/04(土) 06:26:43.57
This is the ranking of what shit actor is the best

46: 2017/11/04(土) 06:28:54.51
Nishikido, the one I think is decent in Johnny's is not on there
And of course Yamapi shouldn't be there

47: 2017/11/04(土) 06:29:07.01
Ninomiya can only do roles as a child or a hobbit


49: 2017/11/04(土) 06:31:45.17
If they mean good actor for a Johnny then I agree

51: 2017/11/04(土) 06:36:10.41
I don't know the name but that tall young kid is good

64: 2017/11/04(土) 06:41:25.25
Ninomiya Kazunari is a good actor?
No matter what you see him in he gives the same performance

67: 2017/11/04(土) 06:44:03.96
Kazama Shunsuke is better than half the guys on there

68: 2017/11/04(土) 06:44:22.31
Higashiyama number 2 on a good actor list?

73: 2017/11/04(土) 06:50:50.61
Since Kusanagi left there's nothing but trash remaining

74: 2017/11/04(土) 06:51:50.87
Honestly I think KimuTaku is better than Ninomiya
I don't know his movies so this is only based on the dramas that I've seen

80: 2017/11/04(土) 06:58:54.16
Ninomiya is super bad at acting

82: 2017/11/04(土) 07:01:06.64
Among these I think Ohno is good
For comedy you need acting skills

87: 2017/11/04(土) 07:06:14.99
Matsuoka isn't there do it over

92: 2017/11/04(土) 07:08:44.46
This is a (笑) ranking

101: 2017/11/04(土) 07:15:53.49
There aren't enough good actors in the Japanese entertainment industry to count in the first place

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