Nogizaka46 Matsumura Sayuri Finally Shows Her Ass

Nogizaka46's No.1 Matsumura Sayuri Lifts Ban on Butt, Shows Adult Side


Matsumura says "My butt, which was banned by my company, will be shown only in this photobook. I'm happy if people enjoy me showing a bit of my adult side in Hawaii!"

2: 2017/11/08(水) 09:09:12.19
Even though she was kissing someone on the street

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4: 2017/11/08(水) 09:10:12.40
If she were after Becky then we wouldn't be able to see this ass (´・ω・`)

5: 2017/11/08(水) 09:10:56.15
Around her eyes looks disturbing


7: 2017/11/08(水) 09:12:00.92
Did you know that Sayuringo was this cute?

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13: 2017/11/08(水) 09:14:14.26
She's cute so I forgive her

15: 2017/11/08(水) 09:15:14.76
On every picture she looks different, why is her face so unstable?

18: 2017/11/08(水) 09:16:33.63
She's wearing frickin panties

20: 2017/11/08(水) 09:18:27.41
She's already 25, she's a grown woman

23: 2017/11/08(水) 09:19:40.09
Why are there more pictures than needed of her with her eyes wide open?
Is this a popular thing?

25: 2017/11/08(水) 09:20:21.93
She has the particular eyes of a mentally ill person

29: 2017/11/08(水) 09:22:10.58
Sayuringo is cute

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33: 2017/11/08(水) 09:24:07.79
You can't tell whether or not she has a nice ass in that photo of her squatting

36: 2017/11/08(水) 09:24:48.45
I honestly think this girl is cute

47: 2017/11/08(水) 09:30:39.95
She's honestly cuter than Shiraishi Mai

59: 2017/11/08(水) 09:39:12.14
Her peak of cuteness was when she had the affair
She's on the same road to deterioration as Shiraishi

73: 2017/11/08(水) 09:43:58.23
Being doe-eyed might be her trademark, but isn't she cuter when she does her eyes like normal?

76: 2017/11/08(水) 09:44:42.40
In terms of looks she's the top in Nogizaka

88: 2017/11/08(水) 09:48:51.12
She's not smiling from deep within her eyes

98: 2017/11/08(水) 09:51:18.58
If you smack it it'll probably make a good sound

44: 2017/11/08(水) 09:30:21.43
You can clearly see that they only forgot to photoshop her hands in the photo lol

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