Monday, November 6, 2017

NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen to Reduce the Number of Johnnies Significantly


-The host for the white team has been a Johnny's talent for many years. It gets ratings, but there have been some fans that want to reduced the amount of categories. 

-Last year TOKIO, V6, Kanjani 8, and Sexy Zone performed. Kinki Kids also appeared. 

-However, SMAP has already disbanded and there is no longer a need for NHK to act modestly. The reason for being nice has vanished. 

2: 2017/11/03(金) 21:17:15.32

3: 2017/11/03(金) 21:19:18.80
If Amuro-chan can't do it then bring out the three former members of SMAP
The number of moments will be amazing


4: 2017/11/03(金) 21:20:19.82
Johnny's true colors are beginning to show

6: 2017/11/03(金) 21:21:33.70
The former SMAP members should appear on Gaki no Tsukai


7: 2017/11/03(金) 21:21:52.95
For Johnnies Arashi and Tokio alone would be good enough

11: 2017/11/03(金) 21:23:40.12
If this is true then that's good news
Arashi and 1 or 2 more groups would be appropriate
If it's possible I want them to eliminate Johnny's altogether

13: 2017/11/03(金) 21:23:59.02
Their pay is low anyway

22: 2017/11/03(金) 21:27:57.25
No matter how much they put out Mizuki Nana no one cares


25: 2017/11/03(金) 21:29:39.68
Arashi and Tokio are enough

31: 2017/11/03(金) 21:34:28.15
Honestly there were too many Johnny's so this is fine.

46: 2017/11/03(金) 21:40:41.56
This year in the anime category there was no one that I recognized
Maybe it's because last year Kimi no na Wa was huge

49: 2017/11/03(金) 21:43:06.86
Kemono Friends was popular but they won't be on anyway


66: 2017/11/03(金) 21:53:25.99
That's fine but are there other people who can appear on the show?

71: 2017/11/03(金) 21:55:41.92
And then no one was left

72: 2017/11/03(金) 21:55:44.29
This is a gorioshi contest for the companies so people who put effort into their songs won't appear
Even if they do appear then they'll be made fun of

77: 2017/11/03(金) 21:57:03.86
It would be fine with Tokio and Kinki Kids
Or maybe Kis-My-ft2
We don't need blatant lip syncing

91: 2017/11/03(金) 22:05:50.14'
It's strange that Arashi are treated like they'll always be there

96: 2017/11/03(金) 22:07:43.69
But it's like are Arashi actually popular now?

172: 2017/11/03(金) 22:58:52.68
Their CDs are selling but I don't know the new songs

94: 2017/11/03(金) 22:07:34.80
I was glad but then I realized there aren't any singers or bands that I want to see

97: 2017/11/03(金) 22:07:46.77
They should do a separate one just for idols


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