Miura Daichi Receives Offer to Appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen for the First Time

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-It was discovered that Daichi Miura received an offer to appear on the 68th Kohaku Uta Gassen. Miura, who is known for his excellent singing and dance performance, will finally appear on the Kohaku stage.

-This year his single "Excite" reached number 1 on the Oricon chart, and he gained more recognition with the general public when he appear on "Mecha x 2 Iketeru!".

3: 2017/11/13(月) 04:40:20.94
He's been around for that long huh
I thought he came out like 2, 3 years ago

4: 2017/11/13(月) 04:41:12.34
His face is starting to look like a disheartened old man w


6: 2017/11/13(月) 04:43:33.30
Everyone raves about him, but is his singing that good?

9: 2017/11/13(月) 04:44:38.38
Not amazing at all
His voice is thin

15: 2017/11/13(月) 04:47:07.75
Real talent

20: 2017/11/13(月) 04:49:24.31
People say that if he were handsome then he would have changed Japanese music

22: 2017/11/13(月) 04:50:46.76
His looks are no good

25: 2017/11/13(月) 04:52:14.13
He's the leading ugly in JPOP along with Makihara Noriyuki

26: 2017/11/13(月) 04:53:05.67
They don't really bring on these talented people
Superfly's singing is really good but they don't bring her on

28: 2017/11/13(月) 04:54:20.19
Because good singing =/= appeal

27: 2017/11/13(月) 04:53:34.75
Japanese people make judgement based on looks not performance so it took him a while to get on
It might be difficult on a worldwide level but I want him to become a star in Asia

29: 2017/11/13(月) 04:56:58.91
A man whose only defect is his face


46: 2017/11/13(月) 05:03:10.82
He's not handsome but he's not so ugly that it would make you uncomfortable
Why are there so many people that say that?

48: 2017/11/13(月) 05:04:08.76
Ex-Aid is lame and I hate it but I only like the theme song


56: 2017/11/13(月) 05:14:49.99
If he had a more normal face then he would have taken over the country
But as someone with talent he can have a long career

67: 2017/11/13(月) 05:24:39.10
His songs are good but the lyrics are a bit average

97: 2017/11/13(月) 05:42:28.28
I think it's amazing Miura Daichi, Makihara Noriyuki and Yamashita Tatsuro are all ugly but they are still popular

60: 2017/11/13(月) 05:21:37.47
Are even there any singers that you want to appear on Kohaku?

Miura Daichi Receives Offer to Appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen for the First Time Miura Daichi Receives Offer to Appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen for the First Time Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 2:30 PM Rating: 5

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