Kanjani 8's Murakami Shingo Talks About Dating Rumors


Muraki Shingo Denies Dating Kojiruri "I am...NOT dating her!"

・Murakami appeared on "Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi" on the 6th. He denied the dating rumors with the talent Kojima Ruriko (23) by saying "I am...not dating her!"

・There were pictures of Kojima coming out of his apartment, but Murakami said "She didn't even sit next to me."

・On the 4th Kojima said on Mimukoji Radio "He's my senpai. He's really good to me. There were rumors of "overnight romance" but he really is a simple senpai. Nothing more nothing less."

14: 2017/11/07(火) 10:08:30.89
He could have gotten a more favorable impression by saying "She's a cute girl and I could I would want to date her."


4: 2017/11/07(火) 10:04:26.20
His skin is dirty
His teeth are dirty
His face is dirty

5: 2017/11/07(火) 10:04:45.00

8: 2017/11/07(火) 10:05:41.62
Honestly they are a pair lacking in excitement

10: 2017/11/07(火) 10:06:07.61
They were by themselves in his room right?

11: 2017/11/07(火) 10:06:27.54
His fans won't laugh

95: 2017/11/07(火) 10:40:02.14
Kanjani fans don't really seem to care
Before at a concert, they said "It's past the statute of limitations!" and revealed themselves that they had went to an onsen with girls w 

If this were Yamada Ryosuke it would a different story

13: 2017/11/07(火) 10:08:10.59
We dated


18: 2017/11/07(火) 10:09:23.45
He should just say they are dating

20: 2017/11/07(火) 10:10:04.64
Murakami is already 35 right
Hurry up and get married

28: 2017/11/07(火) 10:12:50.05
Why did she go to his house in the first place w

31: 2017/11/07(火) 10:13:58.54
Politician "We went to a hotel but we didn't cross any boundaries"

39: 2017/11/07(火) 10:16:49.08
This is seriously the same w
Well they aren't having an affair and it's like they confirmed the dating rumors

36: 2017/11/07(火) 10:15:52.37


48: 2017/11/07(火) 10:21:17.04
This explanation is lame

52: 2017/11/07(火) 10:22:25.94
For cheating he would lose in a trial for being alone with her in the room but he's single so he can explain his way out of it

54: 2017/11/07(火) 10:22:55.59
They're desperately forcing Murakami to be Nakai huh

58: 2017/11/07(火) 10:24:43.81
Wouldn't he lose fans by having a woman?

61: 2017/11/07(火) 10:25:36.08
Well it's not like it's a politician having an affair
What's wrong with this?

68: 2017/11/07(火) 10:27:17.83
Well his agency will be there for him either way
I want Japan's entertainment business to stop being so shameless

81: 2017/11/07(火) 10:32:12.45
Even if they spent the night together by themselves Janiwotas will believe it "Good! They were just friends!"

79: 2017/11/07(火) 10:31:57.45
Matsuko can have her help wipe his ass

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