Friday, November 3, 2017

Gesu no Kiwami Otome's Kawatani Enon Dresses up as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service


3: 2017/11/01(水) 08:46:47.66
Is he gay?

5: 2017/11/01(水) 08:48:10.98
Eeew!! Has Becky commented yet?

no title

6: 2017/11/01(水) 08:49:02.97
Pretty ugly

7: 2017/11/01(水) 08:50:27.50
If this is cute
Then 90% of the girls in the world are cute

8: 2017/11/01(水) 08:51:26.84
Not bad

10: 2017/11/01(水) 08:53:16.99
Just like you would expect from a wannabe prince

no title

11: 2017/11/01(水) 08:54:53.66
He's ugly

13: 2017/11/01(水) 08:56:54.76
He'll get beaten like this

38: 2017/11/01(水) 09:30:36.10
I don't feel the same amount of cringe as from that person


17: 2017/11/01(水) 09:00:23.58
He looks like Mitzy Mangrove


23: 2017/11/01(水) 09:06:39.09
He's this kind of person by nature w

29: 2017/11/01(水) 09:11:24.15
He looks like Hanyu Yuzuru
He also looks like Mitzy Mangrove

30: 2017/11/01(水) 09:12:09.54

no title 
no title

36: 2017/11/01(水) 09:20:09.96
He's simply gross
He probably thinks he's not as annoying as he actually is
Narcissists are annoying

41: 2017/11/01(水) 09:41:15.72
If he didn't love himself and think of himself as cute, then he wouldn't have chosen the name Enon and he wouldn't have done a Kiki cosplay

44: 2017/11/01(水) 09:46:13.02
Isn't he too ugly?
Poor Kiki

47: 2017/11/01(水) 09:51:44.40
Since he's tall he doesn't get any nourishment to his
Shorter men look better in drag



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