Monday, November 13, 2017

Gackt Shows his Ass Crack to Fan's Delight

Gackt Reveals Sexy Back Shot

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3: 2017/11/11(土) 18:04:20.60
The real Hanma Yujiro

7: 2017/11/11(土) 18:05:45.97
A guy this suspicious is rare

9: 2017/11/11(土) 18:08:10.77
All the time,  no matter what kind of naked Gackt you see, it always looks like his stomach is poking out a bit...


11: 2017/11/11(土) 18:09:46.42
He's old man-like
Why? Even though he has a nice body he's old man-like

16: 2017/11/11(土) 18:11:20.50
Why did he make it purple? I wanted to see his skin color though. You can't really tell like this.
I want to have a body that can be maintained by eating normally without fasting.

22: 2017/11/11(土) 18:15:45.16
He's established himself in the same genre as Hamasaki-san

32: 2017/11/11(土) 18:23:31.27
Occupation ・Sexy

34: 2017/11/11(土) 18:25:17.91
He has sort of a different body from Inaba-san. Amazing

35: 2017/11/11(土) 18:27:47.94
What does this guy want to do?

40: 2017/11/11(土) 18:31:10.78

41: 2017/11/11(土) 18:35:19.13
His ass is dirty

42: 2017/11/11(土) 18:48:32.03
His source of income is a mystery

43: 2017/11/11(土) 18:50:07.90
Donation money

47: 2017/11/11(土) 18:54:54.29
There are no decent men who upload photos of their own naked bodies on the internet

50: 2017/11/11(土) 18:57:17.26
This is an old man's body.
His skin is certainly that of an old man

51: 2017/11/11(土) 18:58:51.44
He's like an Ossan that you would see in a bath house

53: 2017/11/11(土) 19:00:42.98
I think he looks good in the CM in which he is wearing the color contacts


57: 2017/11/11(土) 19:05:49.31
Gackt suddenly lost weight huh
He has stretch marks on his butt



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