Sunday, November 5, 2017

Former SMAP Member Mori Appears with Kusanagi, and Inagaki and Katori for the First time in 21 Years


4: 2017/11/04(土) 15:28:06.00
As for Nakai-kun and KimuTaku

6: 2017/11/04(土) 15:29:46.97
This is a good plan

7: 2017/11/04(土) 15:30:18.98

14: 2017/11/04(土) 15:32:50.10
This is amazing
Nakai hurry up and link up with them

15: 2017/11/04(土) 15:33:33.83
It's a bit disturbing that they care so much about trends.

16: 2017/11/04(土) 15:34:10.66
The heated battle of Johnny's Jimusho VS a new agency

17: 2017/11/04(土) 15:34:19.84
Nakai-kun betrayed them so they can't appear together anymore


18: 2017/11/04(土) 15:34:45.31
Do they not meet at all?

21: 2017/11/04(土) 15:35:45.34
The concert 20 years ago

22: 2017/11/04(土) 15:36:13.93
It's not that they haven't met in 21 years
If that is so then that's pretty cold

75: 2017/11/04(土) 16:18:59.74
It just means they haven't been on screen together

24: 2017/11/04(土) 15:37:03.12
They haven't appeared on screen together in 21 years but they have seen each other at the concert 5 years ago and when they ate yakiniku together about 11 1/2 months ago on New Years Eve

32: 2017/11/04(土) 15:42:18.70
Their views will soon surpass 40 million
SMAP is amazing just like thought
Kameda was just small fry


35: 2017/11/04(土) 15:47:46.65
It looks like they're able to be free after quitting Johnny's

45: 2017/11/04(土) 15:54:14.18
Mori "Kimura are you watching?"

46: 2017/11/04(土) 15:54:23.51
You guys look like you're having fun so I downloaded it

47: 2017/11/04(土) 15:55:00.84
Is Mori eating?

54: 2017/11/04(土) 15:56:38.50
He's worn out


51: 2017/11/04(土) 15:55:58.98
Please do a scene where Kimura rides in and then a big fight breaks out

55: 2017/11/04(土) 15:56:41.52
It's good that they're no longer banned from the internet since leaving Johnny's

56: 2017/11/04(土) 15:56:58.68
I think this project was a success



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