Are There Ikemen with Single Eyelids?

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1: 2017/11/26(日) 15:25:00.57
Ikemen by all means have double eyelids

2: 2017/11/26(日) 15:25:44.25
Ikemen always have double eyelids
What's the worth of the existence of single eyelids? w

3: 2017/11/26(日) 15:25:46.39
Koyama Ichiro from NEWS

4: 2017/11/26(日) 15:26:04.96
Stop bringing in ones that are really ugly

8: 2017/11/26(日) 15:27:30.44
There are a lot of guys with single eyelids that have bad personalities

11: 2017/11/26(日) 15:29:00.06
Oikawa Michi

14: 2017/11/26(日) 15:29:47.34
It's hard to say that he's an ikemen

17: 2017/11/26(日) 15:30:23.19
I tried to think of an ikemen with single eyelids but they all had double eyelids

25: 2017/11/26(日) 15:32:15.93
Kaname Jun

31: 2017/11/26(日) 15:33:16.27
Mokomichi has single eyelids too right?

36: 2017/11/26(日) 15:33:53.25
70% of Japanese people have single eyelids

42: 2017/11/26(日) 15:34:36.43
Deep set double eyelids are pretty but it's hard to think of single eyelids that are pretty

55: 2017/11/26(日) 15:37:34.03
The limits of ikemen with single eyelids is Michi
I have single eyelids but that's the limit for me

59: 2017/11/26(日) 15:38:13.88
Hidetoshi Nakata is good looking right

71: 2017/11/26(日) 15:40:31.55
I like people with single eyelids who have nice bodies

75: 2017/11/26(日) 15:41:24.27
Whether or not you have an epicanthal fold is more important than double eyelids
Single eyelids without the epicanthal fold look better than double eyelids with it

94: 2017/11/26(日) 15:45:19.33
Asano Tadanobu is good looking

95: 2017/11/26(日) 15:45:33.72
If you look at your yearbooks you'll get it
70% have single eyelids

99: 2017/11/26(日) 15:46:00.17
Things that happen to people with single eyelids
People you have never spoken to before will think you're scary person

118: 2017/11/26(日) 15:49:57.75
I don't know if he had single eyelids but Yagira Yuya had nice thin eyes but he fixed them to be bigger

130: 2017/11/26(日) 15:51:24.64
Ayano Go said it himself that he's ugly and more unique looking so he doesn't understand at all why he's considered an ikemen
He said it on Downtown Nau

135: 2017/11/26(日) 15:52:32.70

no title 
no title 
Even here you can't tell whether he has double eyelids

136: 2017/11/26(日) 15:52:41.82
I like that the pretext for single eyelided guys is "What are you glaring at?"

139: 2017/11/26(日) 15:53:29.61
But single eyelids are pure Asian...

149: 2017/11/26(日) 15:56:10.56
All of the actors mentioned here have double eyelids
When they try to look cool and do their eyes a certain way they look single-eyelided so  you're just saying they have single eyelids

Takatsugi Mahiro
no title

Tamaki Hiroshi
no title

Odagiri Joe
no title

156: 2017/11/26(日) 15:57:38.34
But if your eyes are big with single eyelids...

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