Arashi has no Hit Dramas

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1: 2017/11/12(日) 01:08:07.59
Even though they all appear in dramas

4: 2017/11/12(日) 01:09:25.77
Aren't they the national idols?

5: 2017/11/12(日) 01:10:00.46
Only uglies and old ladies support them

6: 2017/11/12(日) 01:10:04.02
I love Ryusei no Kizuna and Maoh
And I like Letters from Iwo Jima

7: 2017/11/12(日) 01:10:05.30
There's that
Youkai Ningen Bem and Kaibutsu-kun


8: 2017/11/12(日) 01:10:05.95
Why do they get low ratings

13: 2017/11/12(日) 01:10:44.14
They don't have any interesting dramas

17: 2017/11/12(日) 01:11:04.22
KimuTaku is amazing after all

20: 2017/11/12(日) 01:11:30.66
I like Stand Up that Nino was in


25: 2017/11/12(日) 01:12:01.58
Nothing but a bunch of ones that I haven't heard of
I only know Hana Yori Dango

38: 2017/11/12(日) 01:14:10.59
There's nothing to lose from watching Maoh

39: 2017/11/12(日) 01:14:10.93
Homeless, Ie o Kau was really popular at the time


44: 2017/11/12(日) 01:14:32.91
Sakurai Sho has no definitive works

49: 2017/11/12(日) 01:15:30.93
I like the one where he was a lawyer
The one that had Horikita Maki

59: 2017/11/12(日) 01:16:47.15
The one where he was a butler

45: 2017/11/12(日) 01:14:34.05
Kisarazu Cat's Eye


47: 2017/11/12(日) 01:14:50.11
Kazoku Game
The Quiz Show

51: 2017/11/12(日) 01:15:51.49
Ohno→ Maoh
Sakurai→Kazoku Game
Ninomiya→Freeter, Ie o Kau
Aiba→Yokoso, Wagaya E

Pretty much this

97: 2017/11/12(日) 01:22:05.26
For Sakurap it would be The Quiz Show
For Taima-kun, Kaibutsu-kun

53: 2017/11/12(日) 01:16:18.29
Hana Yori Dango, I still remember it now


55: 2017/11/12(日) 01:16:29.11
Aiba's singing and acting is suffering because of his voice

62: 2017/11/12(日) 01:17:32.13
There's Gokusen too

74: 2017/11/12(日) 01:19:25.67
Ryusei no Kizuna was the best

76: 2017/11/12(日) 01:19:44.65
Top three Johnnies with the lowest ratings
Nagase, Kamenashi, Nishikido

83: 2017/11/12(日) 01:20:28.37
My Boss My Hero
Tiger and Dragon
Even with these is Nagase no good?

78: 2017/11/12(日) 01:20:03.32
Sakurai's acting is deathly horrible
Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Otoko was terrible

84: 2017/11/12(日) 01:20:36.81
The Quiz Show was the best

94: 2017/11/12(日) 01:21:31.22
Ninomiya-san is a movie actor

111: 2017/11/12(日) 01:23:32.93
Looking at it like this, Nobuta wo Produce is amazing


118: 2017/11/12(日) 01:24:15.36
I like Nagase's dramas but it's reality that they had low ratings

123: 2017/11/12(日) 01:24:52.53
Aiba's the only one I don't remember

124: 2017/11/12(日) 01:24:55.82
Arashi have the impression of being in TBS dramas

129: 2017/11/12(日) 01:25:35.63
Aiba has Shimura Doubutsen

134: 2017/11/12(日) 01:26:15.39
Is Pikanchi a movie?

142: 2017/11/12(日) 01:26:55.34
Speaking of which there was Kagi no Kakatta Heya
That was entertaining

155: 2017/11/12(日) 01:27:53.28
Ryusei no Kizuna was super entertaining

150: 2017/11/12(日) 01:27:29.44
Arashi is the only idol group that I like
I feel friendliness from them

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