Actress Hamamatsu Megumi: The Men I Slept With (Idol Edition)

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Yes, yes, right before I quit school, M from a 5 member idol group entered the school, and I was really good friends with him. Since people from big companies are well connected, I was introduced to N from the same group as M after I dropped out of school. I was also introduced to S, N, and O from other groups, and had relationships with various people. I've had relationships with people from the same group, but perhaps, everyone who I've had a relationship with don't even know about those relationships even now.

Among all of those connected idols, the one who was the best at sex was D, who likes cars. If I had to say, he is the pushy type, and he liked to do it outside. So we went to Disneyland together, and we would do it in the parking lot, or we would go to Oarai beach and do it on the shore.

Also, in Odaiba, there is a footpath on the beach, and I have done it in the bushes over there. There were a lot of people passing, and I would think "You have a program on a TV station in Odaiba, so if we're found out won't it be difficult?" But, I don't hate that kind of atmosphere, and we had really good chemistry. Only, I haven't told anyone that I dated him, so if his senpais found out about our relationship, they would definitely be surprised (笑).

There are lots of other initials ↓

女優・濱松恵「私を抱いたオトコたち」(アイドル編) - 週刊実話


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She's ugly so you can sleep with her easily

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Gross old lady

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There it is! There it is!
I thought she would do this sort of thing

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This can't be helped.
I understand.

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She must be an AV actress

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Huh? She just wants to brag

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You're lying, ugly.

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She's loose huh.

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I feel sorry for her children.

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Actress (笑)
I don't know though \(^^)/

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Sorry, but she only has a "dirty" image

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That was long

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Is she delusional?

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Self advertisement


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Yup, yup she's out of it

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