Yui Divorced in August

Married in March of 2015, Gave Birth to Twins in August of 2015

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It has been learned that singer-songwriter Yui got a divorce in August. In March of 2015, she married a man who works in architecture. In August of the same year she gave birth to identical twins.

An acquaintance of hers said the divorce was completed in August. They also said she has the parental rights.

She recently restarted her musical activities. Ever since revealing her panic disorder in 2014, she has not been active until last year in September when her band "Flower Flower" released a single. This year in June she had her first concert in three years.

2: 2017/10/26(木) 05:01:45.62
Celebrities follow the same template up until divorce

4: 2017/10/26(木) 05:02:25.68
I liked her debut song

5: 2017/10/26(木) 05:02:34.83
Her tragic downfall has begun just as if it were done in a painting

7: 2017/10/26(木) 05:04:25.32
A shotgun wedding then divorced after 2 and a half years
So typical

9: 2017/10/26(木) 05:05:18.31

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Her golden age

10: 2017/10/26(木) 05:06:16.01
I guess it didn't go so well because she has panic disorder...

11: 2017/10/26(木) 05:06:31.32
I don't understand why people get married even when their probability of divorcing is high...
Why does everyone want to get married?
Especially celebrities who have such a high rate of divorce

12: 2017/10/26(木) 05:07:06.04
Celebrities have a problem in their very nature so even if they get married it doesn't last

14: 2017/10/26(木) 05:08:42.50
Her singing was bad but she has much more appeal than Miwa

15: 2017/10/26(木) 05:08:57.14
Having twins while single is tragic

16: 2017/10/26(木) 05:09:20.87

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So she broke up with this guy

17: 2017/10/26(木) 05:09:30.74
Taiyou no Uta was good

19: 2017/10/26(木) 05:10:19.87
The picture where she looks like a round, spirited mother

20: 2017/10/26(木) 05:11:09.98

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26: 2017/10/26(木) 05:14:14.66
She didn't like how she was being promoted like an idol so she ended her contract with a big record label, but her hair and died it blond and then began singing  mentally disturbed songs. There's no way she isn't mentally ill

38: 2017/10/26(木) 05:23:04.58
After 2~3 years she'll probably marry again

48: 2017/10/26(木) 05:45:53.96
It's scary that Yui is already 30

52: 2017/10/26(木) 05:51:24.05
Marry me

64: 2017/10/26(木) 06:28:37.47
She's mentally ill
Also if she's the go-getter type who can earn money then of course she'll divorce

67: 2017/10/26(木) 06:32:43.84
She was so beautiful, her current state is a disaster

71: 2017/10/26(木) 06:35:05.41

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109: 2017/10/26(木) 06:56:20.48
It's horrible that there is a possibility that today's kids don't know Yui

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