Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Why Isn't She Popular in Japan?" The Japanese Actress Getting High Praise in Korea


"It's a mystery why she isn't popular in Japan," "If she were Korean she'd be a top star," = The Japanese actress whose beauty is praised by Koreans


-She topped the real time search ranking in Korea on the 29, that's how this Japanese actress' name came on the rise

-That is Fujii Mina. She debuted in 2006 in the movie "Simsons" and from 2012 started activities in Korea. From then she has been active in both Japan and Korea

-The Korean media without exception has been giving her attention for her beauty. People have pointed out "It's a mystery why she isn't popular in Japan."

2: 2017/10/01(日) 12:03:45.45
I don't want to have the same values as Koreans

5: 2017/10/01(日) 12:05:43.18
She's in the same family line as Yamamoto Mitsuki huh

no title

8: 2017/10/01(日) 12:07:02.47
Does she only know how to speak Korean?

11: 2017/10/01(日) 12:07:31.62
Is she the person from the Yakult commercials?

no title

14: 2017/10/01(日) 12:07:46.36
It's not a matter of beauty of ugliness it's her company's political power

20: 2017/10/01(日) 12:09:05.74
She doesn't have natural facial features
Even though she hasn't had plastic surgery it looks like she did

23: 2017/10/01(日) 12:10:23.24
Her acting ability is on Sasaki Nozomi's level
She's the type whose pride is so high that she doesn't lose herself when acting

25: 2017/10/01(日) 12:10:38.30
She has a face like Sasaki Nozomi and Yamamoto Mitsuki mixed together
I've seen her before but I didn't know who she was

33: 2017/10/01(日) 12:12:14.93
It's because of this: Fujii Mina (29)

35: 2017/10/01(日) 12:12:38.42
She has the feel of an actress from 30 years ago

39: 2017/10/01(日) 12:13:40.56
She's certainly cute
But it's not determined by looks or talent
There's also the power of your company

49: 2017/10/01(日) 12:15:22.68
I didn't think this kind of face would be popular in Korea

61: 2017/10/01(日) 12:17:13.04
Fujii Mina

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103: 2017/10/01(日) 12:25:14.88

346: 2017/10/01(日) 13:15:16.52
Completely one of those mass produced plastic surgery beauties

63: 2017/10/01(日) 12:17:25.83
She's pretty but that's all there is to her
She doesn't leave an impression

67: 2017/10/01(日) 12:17:59.65
We're the country of anime so the not too perfect cute face is popular for Japanese people 

70: 2017/10/01(日) 12:18:56.44
She was pushed quite a bit 10 years ago but she's an actress who didn't break through and ended up at that peninsula

73: 2017/10/01(日) 12:19:08.69
This is Gakki's world
Nope nope


84: 2017/10/01(日) 12:21:17.68
Japan surprisingly has lenience towards looks
In Korea everyone is remodeled to look like this

99: 2017/10/01(日) 12:24:49.20
She has the strong face with deep double eyelids that you don't see in Korea

115: 2017/10/01(日) 12:27:56.20
Also in TWICE everyone except the Taiwanese girl is pretty rough

249: 2017/10/01(日) 12:54:05.07
The 3 Japanese girls were unexpectedly pretty cute

127: 2017/10/01(日) 12:30:31.56
In Japan, beautiful facial expressions, or as they say the cute type are more popular than beauties


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