Thursday, October 12, 2017

Toda Erika and Narita Ryo (Allegedly) Dating! The Relationship Formed While Filming Code Blue

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 According to various people, Erika and Narita got to know each other while filming Code Blue. The two who attended the press conference for the drama in June got closer to each other when filming starting. Toda Erika gave advice to Narita, the newcomer to the cast, and also had discussions with him and exchanged opinions with him. That is how their relationship developed. In the drama launch event that occurred in September and sat next to each other,  talking to each other in a friendly manner.

Also, they were seen going on drives together and they are known to have an honest regular relationship among people that are close to them.


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Even though Narita is young, he is able to date Toda Erika.

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Co-star killer w

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Huh? What about Hirose Suzu?

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Toda Erika is well put together and seems like she would be a good girlfriend so I wonder why she doesn't get married

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Is that so.
It wasn't the person from Hey Say Jump huh.

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Toda Erika

She's a co-star killer~

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Toda Erika had this kind of face?

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Narita isn't good lucking

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Weird picture (笑)

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Toda Erika is a maneater

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Katsuji Ryo Matsuyama Kenichi Ayano Go Murakami Shingo Kase Ryo Narita Ryo
The third guy named Ryo ww

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"The Code Blue movie which they will costar in begins filming in November"

The movie shooting will start from now huh
They seem like they will have fun but w the people around them will have difficulties

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This person is unworthy Toda Erika
So she didn't make up with Murakami

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Toda Erika is too much of a devilish woman



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