The Ranking of Gorioshi Johnny's

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*Gorioshi is any celebrity that is over-exposed or over-promoted to the public. 


1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Inoo Kei
3. Nakajima Kento
4. Fujigaya Taisuke
5. Tamamori Yuta
6. Sato Shori

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Yamada-kun has an idol image

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Yamada-kun's publicized height when he was 19 was 161cm but I was surprised when it changed to 165. Did he grow?

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It was talked about before that Yamada-kun had a huge penis but why would they know that? It's probably a lie

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Johnny's are all gorioshi.
The ones that are praised like Okada and Ninomiya aren't anything special.
First of all Johnny's tend to be short so they don't have the appeal as lead actors.

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*Sex in Japanese can also be translated as "sei" pronounced like "say."

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Hmm, just about right

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Inoo Kei is annoying

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Aren't all the popular Johnny's talents gorioshi?

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They always have the image of a child in their teens

12. 匿名 2017/10/09(月) 11:50:23  [通報]+808-85
What is the profit in gorioshi-ing a guy with a bad personality like Fujigaya who's ugly to boot?

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That would be Koyama. He's a newscaster, acts in dramas, does varieties and such

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The roles for chibis are limited so they are hard to use

16. 匿名 2017/10/09(月) 11:51:01  [通報]+267-14
If true talent were needed then Japanese actors would not appear in movies or dramas

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It's unnatural that Arashi isn't on the list

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Aren't there too few votes?
This isn't reliable

19. 匿名 2017/10/09(月) 11:51:29  [通報]+375-36
There are a lot of actors that are bad, but just by being Johnny's they get criticized. That's weird

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