The Boom Among Young Women Has Resurrected; Why is "Hallyu" so Popular Among Teenagers?

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若い女性にブームが再燃 「韓流」なぜ10代に受けている?|芸能|芸能|日刊ゲンダイDIGITAL
若い女性にブームが再燃 「韓流」なぜ10代に受けている?|芸能|芸能|日刊ゲンダイ
This year in May, the popular Korean fashion brand Style Nanda has opened shop in Harajuku's Takeshita street and has been a topic of discussion. Writer Otama Aiko, who specialized in Korean news, has this to say.

"The nine-member girl group "TWICE" has a large presence. They are a K-POP group, but there are three Japanese members. They are famous for having dances with easy to remember choreography, and lyrics that are easy on the ears. Their makeup and fashion has become popular among girls in their teens to 20s, so the "Style Nanda" has seen the demand and made the advance into Japan. They are a low priced "cheap high quality" brand, so they are popular among the young generation.

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We won't be fooled you know

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It's not popular are you an idiot

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Those are the girls saying 'ulzzang' right?

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Which one do you like?

Plus for Korea

Minus for China

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They all have the same face

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More praising Korea

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Japanese are better than Hallyu

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My daughter was dancing to Twice and I did not like it

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Tzuyu from Taiwan is pretty~

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That survey is not needed

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Barbie hates Hallyu
若い女性にブームが再燃 「韓流」なぜ10代に受けている?

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Another messy topic has gotten posted...

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Huh, the boom isn't especially being resurrected wwww
Stop the fabrication.

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I won't be fooled.

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I'm just at the end of my teens, and no one is talking about it at all

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The stealth marketing from the Fuyu no Sonata days will not apply now
That because the secrets of the the media are plain to see

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Girls Channel is exceedingly against Korea.
Korean cosmetics are cute so I use them.
I eat the barbecued meat. I eat kimchi hot pot.
I have no interest in K-POP.

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I don't want this woman to use her stage name

若い女性にブームが再燃 「韓流」なぜ10代に受けている?

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The Taiwanese girl from Twice is pretty

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That the group that has Japanese girls right? At first, they all looked Korean...
They might have looked Korean because of the blonde hair and red lipstick.

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Just stop, it will become a regrettable part of your past anyway

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Where are they popular among teenagers?

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The ulzzang makeup looks like the Joker's foundation from Spiderman

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They're only saying that

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I've always thought this, but that ugly girl TV show is rude
*Referring to the TV show called "Busu Television" or "Ugly Girl Television"

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What is Hallyu? Food?

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I'm in my late teens and I have no interest in it. There are no girls that listen to KPOP around me

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I think the media is just spreading fake news that it's popular among teens.
Fabricating rankings is their specialty so I have no faith in the media.

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